Friday, February 19

If You Are Seeing This You're In The Wrong Place

It's because you missed a little move. Come find me here. Love you!

Monday, February 15

How I Spent My Weekend

In case you hadn't noticed, I made a couple of "minor" changes around here over the weekend. And by "minor," I mean I blew the whole thing up and started it from scratch. It looks (mostly) the same from where you're sitting, but I switched blogging platforms and made other significant changes on the back end.

A couple of things that might matter from where you're sitting:

1. I probably broke your RSS feed. It wasn't intentional and I'm still not entirely sure how I screwed that part up, but I did. Sorry! I love you! Please re-subscribe if it doesn't start updating on your old subscription automatically! I'm still at

2. For now, comments are making you type in your information each time you come here. While that is a major pain in the ass (trust me, I know it is), it should be a temporary situation. I need a little more time to install a better comment system, but I'm not sure when that is going to happen. Brain=KABLOOEY when I started looking at it.

I made the switch for a couple of reasons, and none of them are because there is anything wrong with using Blogger. Blogger is/was a great platform, and you can't beat the price (free!). However, it was a pain in the arse that email addresses weren't always passed through with comments (if I never replied to one of your comments, that was why--I couldn't!), and that many people reported having trouble getting comments to post at all. In other words, the things you have to say do matter to me and I didn't like that I couldn't always convey that to you. Problem solved. (Hopefully.)

For what it's worth, I switched to Squarespace. There are some really good reasons I chose it (and I had been looking at it for several months), but I'm still blaming Mr. Lady for convincing me to jump off the cliff.

If you find anything broken, wonky, or just want to whine that you hate it all, please let me know.

Saturday, February 6

SnOMG! 2010

When that turns to this in less than 24 hours

it's SnOMG!