Friday, April 13

She Won't Play in Sand, but . . .

I was just glancing through some older photos, and found one that confounds me. It's from before we went to Orlando and is of Alexis playing in the kitchen. I was trying to clean the house and erroneously left a bag of bird seed on the floor. Alexis found it and figured she would pour some out. I caught her right away. However, as I was cleaning the little pile of bird seed, Alexis scurried back to the bag and quickly dumped the other 9 1/2 pounds, forming a big pile of bird seed. Then she stole a spatula out of the dishwasher and sat down to play in her "sand box." So the kid that refuses to get her hands dirty in the sand, grass, or dirt, is very willing to play in thistle seed for hours. Go figure.

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