Thursday, May 10

The Cutest Thing EVER

All this week, Alexis has been insisting on taking a book to bed with her. Frankly, I'm cool with her taking anything whe wants to bed with her just as long as she goes to sleep without shattering my ear drums and then stays asleep until 6:00. But she's being way cute with the book thing. She is actually sitting in her crib, "reading" the book to her stuffed animal Piggy every night. She sits up, puts Piggy in her lap, then babbles on and on while she turns the pages. After story time is over, she lays down, snuggles Piggy, and goes to sleep. It is the absolute cutest thing EVER. I'm hoping she keeps doing it into the weekend so that I can try video-taping her from afar. I'm afraid that if I do it on a school night she'll notice and I'll end up disrupting her routine. She'll then pay me back by waking up 15 times during the night. That is, after all, how Alexis rolls.

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  1. anglophilefootballfanatic.com8:56 PM

    How funny that I found the post where this picture originated. ROAR.