Tuesday, May 29

I'm Back!

About six weeks ago, Alexis made the determination that Daddy was center of the universe. Her sole responsiblity in life was to worship his every move and make sure everyone else knew that the universe revolved around him. Her first word every morning: Daddy. Her last word at night: Daddy. The most repeated word all day long: Daddy. If we were all out at a store and a stranger said "hi" to her, she would respond with "This is my Daddy, behold his wonder and majestry." If she and I were happily sitting on the floor playing after school, she would immediately dump me for Daddy upon hearing the garage door open. By the way, there's nothing more nauseating than a one-year old standing at the door yelling "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Oh wait, yes there is. A one-year old risking life and limb while diving from her Mom's arms to her Daddy is more nauseating.

Now don't get me wrong, I still held a very important role in Alexis' life. If she gouged her eye out with a plastic spork, was ran over by a herd of wild dogs, or did a triple flip off the couch, she needed Mommy to make it all feel better. And if a monster came out of her closet at night, one of Joey Porter's pony-eating dogs barked at her, or she was abandoned in the driveway without shoes, she needed Mommy to make her feel safe. But the regular day-to-day fun stuff, that was all Daddy.

All the while, I sat back and enjoyed this little phase. I didn't get jealous. I didn't complain about it. I didn't remind Alexis that it wasn't the Daddy that spent endless nights up with her for the past 1 1/2 years. I just enjoyed watching him enjoy being the most important person in her life. For I knew that a day would come when she would wake up, a bright ray of light would shine down from the heavens while the angels harkened, and she would once again realize that Mommy is the greatest human being on planet Earth. That day, my friends, was yesterday. I have reclaimed my throne at the center of the universe.

At least, until Alexis is a teenager and hates everybody, especially Daddy and me.

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