Saturday, July 14

Fun in the Sun

Despite the fact that she's shown no interest in swimming, we decided to get Alexis a pool for the yard. This really looked like a good idea:

I mean, you've got a canopy to provide baby skin protecting shade AND rain trickling down. What more could you ask for in a $20 inflatable monstrosity? I even had help blowing up the pool:

Which was a good thing. I think I popped a vein or two. I definately lost a lung. But it was worth it, because Alexis actually played in her little pool.

The problem? (You had to know one was coming. I don't write about things that work perfectly, after all.) No matter how much air we put in the thing, how many pieces of rope we used, or how many other ways Daddy tried to rig the thing, the second I let go, we had this:

False advertising at its best. It's a good thing that photographs don't capture four-letter words. There sure were a lot of them flying around.

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  1. anglophilefootballfanatic.com9:03 PM

    ROAR! It's another BBM in a suit shot. And, all the golly gee whiz pools pull that crap.