Sunday, July 22


In my quest to create a child that cleans up after herself, I think I may have inadvertantly created a monster. A "the world revolves around me, therefore, you shall applaud every move I make" monster. This is just one link in a very long chain of recurrences . . .

Earlier today Alexis decided it would be a great idea to dump every wood block she has all over the living room floor. The box claimed there were 103 inside, but by the time she was done kicking and throwing them, I'm pretty sure there were at least 10,003 scattered all over the place. I'm sick cleaning up after other people, so I sat down with Alexis and held the bag while she put them away. After each and every block made its way into the bag, all persons in attendance had to stop what they were doing, applaud, and say "Yay!" And you had better say it with some enthusiasm or she would stop for a few minutes and stare at you with her piercing eyes, as if to say "HELLO, did you not just see how awesome I am? Bow down and behold my majesty". This went on, one painful block at a time, for what had to be six hours. And when she FINALLY got to the last one, she fully expected the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders to do a routine, a parade to be held in her honor, and a 20-minute fireworks show. We might need to work on that humility thing at some point.

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  1. anglophilefootballfanatic.com8:59 PM

    We will not ever encourage the she child to be a Cowboys cheerleader again, right? SHUDDER