Friday, August 3

Blogroll Please!

It's time to add some new blogs to the blogroll. So, without further ado, head on over to these places for some entertainment.

The Burgh Blog: Because PittGirl is awesome. You need no other reason.

Finslippy: Because it is Henry's fault that Alexis was screaming "Poop" over and over and over in the grocery store the other day. While I am aware that Alexis has never met the child, it somehow has to be his fault. Otherwise, I might have to stop forgetting the part of the story where I asked her "Did you poop?" knowing full well she will repeat absolutely any word she hears. Definitely Henry's fault.

Looky, Daddy!: Because any time you think you have it bad, you should remember that there could be TWO of them doing whatever it is that they are doing to make you want to go play in traffic. For example, when your kid is dancing on top of table. There could be two of them dancing on the table. Or when some lady at Target has tears rolling down her face because she's laughing so hard at you as you carry your child upside-down with one arm, push a cart with the other, and keep telling your upside-down child that you are really glad that she would like to get down and run around all over the store. I mean, you can't very well carry two kids upside-down and push a cart, now can you? While you're there, be sure to read this post. If you aren't rolling on the floor laughing by the end of the story then, as PittGirl would say, ask yourself why you are so dead inside.

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