Wednesday, August 22

Buh-bye Teeth!

I will be shocked (SHOCKED! I tell you) if Alexis manages to keep all of her baby teeth until the age when her grown-up teeth evict them. In fact, she is on the fast-track to knocking them ALL out before she turns two. First there was the incident with the DVD case, the floor, and her face. Judging by all the blood in her mouth and the split lip, I think the floor won. Then there was the time I was sitting on the floor and she attempted to sit in my lap. I don't really know how you mess up a perfectly aimed one-foot plop, but the return of the bloody mouth and split lip provided proof positive that she did, indeed, take a bad turn somewhere along the way. This morning she added a magical tumble off the bed to her collection of ways that you can try to knock your teeth out. So far, she hasn't managed to even do this, but it's coming soon, I can assure you. And with that, I think I'll work on adding her to our dental insurance now.

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