Saturday, August 18

Overheard in the Burgh Baby's House

Alexis: I'm hungry.
Me: Do you want a snack?
Alexis: Yes.
Me: Do you want strawberries, grapes, cheese, or crackers?
Alexis: Grapes, please.
Me: Here you go.
Alexis: Thank you.
Me: You're welcome.

Pretty mundane, right? That's what I thought at the time. But a few minutes later, while our 18-month old sat in her chair in the living room eating her grapes, I realized something. That was like an actual conversation, complete with good manners. It's almost like Alexis is a real human being or something. A polite human being. A year ago at this time she still wasn't crawling, and now she's nearly human. Amazing!

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