Sunday, August 26

Please, Please, Please

My heart positively swells with pride every time Alexis says "please" and "thank you" without having to be reminded. She does it all day long every day, but each time I still take note and have that little moment of "that's my girl!" I was thinking that there would probably be a catch somewhere along the way. At first, I decided it was that I was going to die of an enlarged heart. But now I know better. The catch is that we are going to play (i.e. LOSE) the Please Game all day every day. The problem is that the rules are stacked against us:

Rule #1: Alexis will say "please" to indicate that she wants something.
Rule #2: Under no circumstances whatsoever will Alexis point to that which she wants.
Rule #3: Adults may ask questions to help them identify the desired object, but the question must be phrased in such a way that a "yes" or "no" response is appropriate.
Rule #4: Adults have 1.46 seconds to figure out what she wants. At precisely 1.46 seconds after the first "please," the polite thing is banished and the screaming, yelling, and carrying on shall commence.
Rule #5: Alexis will not, no matter what the adults say or do, provide a hint as to the magical noun that would make the game end instantly. However, once she has what she wants, she will dance around all over the place repeating that noun over and over and over again. She just wants to make sure that the adults know that she knew what that thing was named the WHOLE TIME. The adults were just too stupid to figure it out.

I'm not sure if there is a way to cheat at this game, but if anybody can find a way, it's me. It's on, Miss Alexis, it's on.

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