Monday, August 20

Re: The Pittsburgh Children's Museum

I finally bothered to upload the photos from our trip to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum, so now would probably be a good time to tell you the top 5 reasons why it kicks Indy's Children's Museum's butt.

1. There are family restrooms all over the place. Whilst I only have one child to deal with (not counting Daddy, of course), if I had three or four, I would greatly love the ability to take them all at once. And shut the door.

2. Indy focuses on letting kids look at cool things. The Burgh focuses on letting kids touch cool things. For example, Indy has some real cool miniature dollhouses behind glass. The Burgh has really cool miniature dollhouses on a play table. Alexis played with the fully functional light switches for about 20 minutes before I drug her elsewhere. Any chance the kid has to pick up some extra germs is fabulous--especially if it's while climbing in Clifford the Big Red Dog's food bowl!

3. The craft room? Killer! I'm so going to take her back so that she can paint, do ink presses, pour soap into a mold, etc., etc.

4. Indy had a really cool little infant/toddler area. The Burgh has a really cool huge infant/toddler floor. The best part? There are fun activities for Daddy.

5. Screw that business with a water table. The Burgh goes for a water floor complete with fountains coming out of the floor and tubes that the munchkins can use to do a little irrigation. Wardrobe changes required. And worth it.

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