Sunday, September 16

Caution: Cute Overload Ahead

We really try to make sure to visit the best cities have to offer whether visiting or living there. We're still guilty of ignoring a lot of what makes Pittsburgh great, but we are working on it. It was in that vein of enjoying the city that we ventured to Kennywood yesterday. We've been there before, but yesterday was the first time we did it with the contorted sensibilities only the parents of a one-year old possess. Just to keep it exciting, we met some other contorted people there--Peyton's parents, Jill and Shawn/Itch/Steelers (Alexis renamed him--I believe his parents intended for his name to be Rich).

First of all, Daddy knew we were meeting Alexis' boyfriend there. And yet, he dressed her in a "Hug Me" t-shirt. That's pretty much asking for this to happen:

Oh, but there's more:

Clearly, they can't stand one another.

As for the rides, I would have thought that Alexis would be all about them. After all, she spends most of her time getting hauled around like this:

Instead, she thought most of the rides were something akin to Chinese water torture. While she makes me play Ring-Around-the-Rosie with her every ten minutes all day long, she wasn't a fan of the spinning.

That photo is deceiving. There were a lot more tears and screams that you can see. But that was NOTHING compared to new public enemy #1, the Crazy Trolley. It's a trolley car that goes around like a Ferris wheel. We had the front row and Alexis was seated in between Daddy and myself. At first, she was all giggly that she was allowed to sit on the bench by herself. But then the thing started to move. I literally felt the moment when terror went racing through her body. And she screamed. And she cried. And she screamed. And she cried. And I think she will have a Ferris wheel phobia for her entire life. Sorry, kiddo. We didn't know.

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