Sunday, January 21

It Will be My Fault

Alexis is doing pretty good at eliminating the paci usage. She's managed to go three days completely free of its existence and kept it pretty limited the other days. Today she made it without, but only because I resorted to another old standby.

That old standby goes by the name Justin Timberlake. You see, my little girl really likes the second song on CD #5 in my car. It has always had a calming effect on her. If she's fussing, she will stop and just listen to the song. I know it's THAT song because the fussing resumes when it's over. I had tried to pull the plug on the song because, well, I don't really look forward to hearing her repeat the words, "I'm bringing sexy back." But don't you worry, she will, and it will be my fault.

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