Saturday, September 29

Kisses and Well Wishes

To hear Alexis tell it, she has experienced her first major injury. Forget about the time she knocked her head on the corner of the bathroom cabinet and wound up with a goose egg the size of a baseball on her head. The time she tripped and bit a hole in the inside of her mouth that was so big her tooth kept getting stuck in it for days afterwards? That was nothing in comparison to her latest injury. Folks, Alexis has a paper cut on her left thumb. And she is not amused. Not one bit.

She cried for a solid half hour after it happened. Lots of hugs and kisses finally convinced her that she would survive. But every time she touches something with her left hand, she reaggravates the injury and resumes wallowing in her own-self pity. She's decided that the best treatment is Mummy Kisses. She whimpers, sticks her arm out in front of her with her thumb protruding, and runs around until she manages to shove that thumb in my face. I do believe I have spent more time kissing her boo boo today than I have spent yelling at dogs.

Hopefully Alexis will have the strength to pull through this difficult time in her life. If her condition doesn't improve soon, my lips may just fall off.


  1. Paper cuts really do hurt. Poor thing. Does she not wear band-aids? We've got two that think band-aids are worse than the actual injury. Hope it heals over soon for both of your sakes.

  2. You know, I tried the band-aid thing. We held a little ceremony complete with fanfare and lots of pity. She freaked the hell out. She must agree with your two that think band-aids are worse than the injury.

  3. anglophilefootballfanatic.com10:48 PM

    Mummy kisses make everything better.