Tuesday, September 25

A Letter for Alexis

Dear Lex,

This blog started as a way to keep in touch with our family, but it's grown to so much more. Somewhere along the line, I remembered how much I enjoy writing. And writing about you is, perhaps, my favorite thing of all. As an added bonus, we're left with a daily journal all about our world named Alexis. I truly think you will enjoy it more than you ever would have a baby book or scrapbook (good thing, that, because you don't have either one). We'll have stories to share for years and years and you'll know I'm telling them accurately, because I recorded them as they happened.

One thing I don't think I've done a good job of so far is telling you about who you are. So I thought I would take a moment and tell you just who you were as the Summer of 2007 came to a close. Since we all know I could go on for days about you, I'm going to limit myself to five adjectives. So here goes:

Funny: My little prankster, you are going to get even with me for everything I do to you, I just know it. It's a good thing that we are both equally good at taking it just as much as we dish it out, because you and I are in for a long ride.

Chatty: If you're eyes are open, odds are that your mouth is, too. It's really a good thing that you decided to be an early talker because all those words come in handy when you have no intentions of remaining silent. But then again, a lack of vocabulary has never stopped you from just making up your own language.

Independent: Dude, I have met my match. And then some. I'm a little surprised that "I can do it" wasn't your first sentence (you snuck "I want to slide" and "I need a cracker" first). I'm sure it will be your most often repeated.

Timid: This one is in direct conflict with your independent streak and you struggle with it all the time. When we are in a store, you want to run and explore and can't be bothered with keeping track of where we are. But then along comes a stranger and you come running like your feet are on fire. You say "Hi" and "Bye, bye" to everyone that walks or drives by, but only from a safe distance. And if they reciprocate, you immediately hide.

Beautiful: You really are the most beautiful person I have ever met. From the way that are always smiling to your penchant for making sure everyone else in the room is smiling as well, you bring joy to everyone that you encounter.

All my love,

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