Sunday, September 9

Reach an Understanding

Things I don't understand:
1. How I never figured out that Bill Cowher is a giant jackass before today.
2. How LaDainian Tomlinson could only be worth 17 fantasy points right now. Damn Bears.
3. How a one-year old could scream "Cereal!" over and over again but say "No!" when I asked her if she wanted cereal. And then proceed to eat about four bowls of cereal while looking at me as if I was the crazy person that couldn't make up my mind.
4. Why Jasmine has spent the past two weeks competing with Meg for the title "Most Annoying Dog that Ever Lived." Meg's still winning, but it's a tight race.
5. Why I suddenly decided that I needed to learn to knit. Now there's a whole new project laying around that I may never finish.

Things I do understand:
1. How the Steelers KILLED the Browns. Joey who?
2. That the only way I'm ever going to see my living room perfectly clean for more than two minutes ever again is to sell some dogs, cats, a husband, and a toddler.
3. That Alexis really, really loves her new stroller.

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  1. anglophilefootballfanatic.com9:58 PM

    Sell the hubby.