Thursday, September 6

She Doesn't Need Us :-(

Lately I've been running into more and more reminders that Alexis has a life away from us. Obviously, I understand that while she's at daycare she's going to be exposed to things and people that we don't know about. But it's still throws me for a loop when I hear her say someones name that I don't know. For example, she introduced me to Tyler at daycare today. This weekend, I was downright shocked when I started to sing "If you're happy and you know it" to her only to learn she already knows it. She's got all kinds of little hand motions that go with the tune. I had no idea. And then there's the fact that she has started to say parts of the alphabet. I was just starting to think about trying to teach it to her. Apparently daycare has been doing it for a while.

Probably the most blatant example of her learning things from someone other than me and Daddy is her mad phone skills. It's no secret that no adults in this house are known for their telephone using abilities. I'm thinking that the fact that Alexis is real good at carrying on a phone conversation is evidence that somebody in her world is a pro. I'm guessing that someone has red hair and adores Alexis, but that's just my guess. (BTW, the quality of this video is horrendous. I apologize for that, but it didn't occur to me to turn on more lights when Miss Chats-a-Lot decided to sit still and carry on with her invisible phone partner.)

And now, it's time for y'all to try to guess what that sound is in the background. You're only hint is that it pretty much never stops at our house.


  1. Anonymous11:28 AM

    OK, I give. What is that sound?

  2. Burgh Baby's Mom8:13 PM

    Another hint: it's usually worse at night.

  3. Brian7:26 PM

    OMG, I just realized that is snoring. So sorry!

  4. anglophilefootballfanatic.com9:56 PM

    Meg ???