Sunday, September 2

Yeah, So, Ummmm . . . Oops?

I should have known that it would happen; it was only a matter of time. The Opinionated One has expressed her displeasure with our radio station selections many times. She does not permit talk radio. She does not permit rock. She demands really, really bad pop music. For example, I caught her jamming to Britney Spears' new single earlier today. Later, it was Fergie's My Humps that had her bobbing her head to the beat. Her perennial favorite is still SexyBack by Justin Timberlake. It really can't get much worse than that.

Yesterday Alexis decided life would be simpler if she started to request her favorite jam by name. Now, I have made it a habit to refer to it as "Justin." As in, "Do you want to listen to Justin?" It still seems like a good idea. She apparently disagrees. We were driving down the road listening to what the adults thought was OK music when Alexis got all sorts of cranky with us. Then, with Grandma as a witness, she asked us to put on her CD. First, imagine her high-pitched sugary sweet little voice. Now, imagine it saying "Sexy, please!" Oh, yes she did. Not once, but multiple times. I maintained my position swimming in the river called De Nile, but I knew that's what she said. She repeated it about a dozen times today, just for good measure. "Sexy, please!" "Sexy, please!" I have got to find the kid a more appropriate song to listen to endlessly.

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  1. anglophilefootballfanatic.com9:49 PM

    Feels like A at 1 knows more about modern day music than I do.