Wednesday, October 31

Halloween in Review

Happy Halloween! I bet some of you are here thinking you would get to see cute pictures of one little Toddler wearing the Halloween costume that she picked out all by herself. You would be wrong. I took her to the mall to have professional photos taken while wearing the costume (which I'm almost afraid to admit went really well) but they haven't emailed them to me yet. Since we returned, we have asked her about 15 bazillion times if she wants to dress up again and she says "NO!" We are talking about a kid that has worn that costume every day since she got it, sometimes for hours on end. But, hey, why wear it when it's time to Trick or Treat? Just because Daddy offered to take her around the neighborhood doesn't mean that she should cooperate, after all. And for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of meeting the man, he could have sincerely offered to house monkeys in his butt and would have gotten less of a shocked reaction from me. The man does not do holidays, especially ones that involve knocking on strangers doors and begging for candy. I fear Alexis may have missed the one and only time he will make that offer.

While I do not presently have photos of Alexis in her costume, I do have other photos worth sharing. First, here's the lovely decor in the front yard, including my Uncle Larry:

You know you think Uncle Larry is a sexy beast. Don't try to hide it.

The Toddler who would not go Trick or Treating did assist with the candy distribution. It was probably only so she could make sure nobody stole her Kit Kats. By the way, you don't need someone to unwrap a Kit Kat before you eat it. It tastes just dandy with the paper left on it.

After the candy distribution came the pumpkin carving. Apparently, if you are suffering from a wicked sugar high, you need to climb way up high, on top of the table, in order to assist with the carving activities.

To be honest, though, the scariest part of this Halloween was at lunch when I made the critical error of feeding the Toddler a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Who knew she would try to lick the jelly off the bread?


  1. Oh Man! She wouldn't go trick or treating?! At least you got the good pictures. Can't wait to see them.

  2. Lol. I remember my eldest doing EXACTLY the same thing when she was one. We finally convinced her to go Trick or Treating but she would only go if we let her wear Daddy's hockey coat. So we did. I think I still have the costume she picked out herself some where....

  3. Don't you love how kids have their own agendas? It's so cute and frustrating all at once. But she looks as though she had a good time with the candy in her own basket, and that yummy sandwich. :)

  4. Must be the age they are at....I had a similar situation with Peyton. He screamed and kicked as i held him down to get his costume on him. You would have thought i was going to kill him or something. However, once I got him outside and he saw the other kids he was thrilled to go trick or treating. Running to every house saying "PEASE PEASE!" for his candy. :)

  5. Hey - I got in! That last picture is priceless - thay are all so cute. Hope you had a nice Halloween - I'm relieved it's over - I'm tired. Have a good day. See ya.