Sunday, October 28


- I would like to personally thank the Steelers for their outstanding performance today. When games go like the one last week, Alexis' vocabulary ends up expanded in ways that are less than desirable. And just to be clear, I'm not the one that yells at the TV during games. I suspect that the coaches and players can't actually hear the people in their living rooms, so I save my energy for yelling at my husband when he teaches our daughter to yell "stupid" at the top of her lungs. Not that he can hear me either, but I like to try.

- I got my butt handed to me in Fantasy Football this week. Last week I lost by one point. If my team doesn't get its act together real soon, I may not make the playoffs. Trust me when I say that would be bad for all of us. I MUST make the playoffs.

- One of these days I will learn that Wal-Mart is an evil place, not at all worth the few pennies we may save by going there. Today's reminder came in the form of a woman in one of the motorized cart things. I'm pretty sure her legs worked just fine, she was just feeling lazy. And mean. She kept yelling at people for being in her way. I wouldn't have known that it was a habitual kind of thing except for the fact that she wouldn't get the you-know-what out of my way. Stopping in the middle of aisle with the motorized cart turned sideways? BLOCKS THE WHOLE FREAKIN' AISLE and thereby forces me to listen to you yell at everyone else for six whole aisles. Would it be wrong if I taught Alexis to yell "Hypocrite" at the top of her lungs?

- Alexis never, ever eats alone. Not even if she's munching on sweet potato sticks and tomato soup.


  1. I hate rude people. YOI Sorry your Wal-Mart trip was not all taht. At least those dogs are being helpful by offering to clean up anything that Alexis could potentially drop on the floor. Does it ever actually get to the floor? I'm just curious.

  2. Walmart scares me. Where do those people come from? I just know they have appliances on their porch, a car that doesn't work in their driveway, and plastic animals in their yard.

  3. Karen--Sometimes it does make it to the floor. It depends on who is on duty at the moment. Jasmine won't eat anything unless she has sniffed it for a full 30 seconds, so she lets everything fall. Meg, on the other hand, will eat anything, so she does her best to catch the food on its way to the ground. In the event that she misses, she then spends minutes sliding her slobbery mouth all over the ground trying to pick up the morsel.

    Jen--I think you are exactly right.