Monday, October 22

Remembering the Screamapiller

It's really starting to bother me that I still haven't figured out a Halloween costume for Alexis. We are officially past the point in time where I could have potentially made something for her if I couldn't find just the right thing in a store. So that means I have to find just the right thing in a store. But what? There just isn't anything that is screaming to me this year like there was last year.

I say "screaming" because that's exactly the word for how I came into the idea for last year's costume. Our darling little Alexis was a born screamer. She LOVES to scream. The louder and higher-pitched the scream, the more likely it is that Alexis is having the time of her life. I was hoping it was a phase that she would grow out of and it has faded a few times, but it always comes back. She just likes to scream. Those who are hearing her screaming fits for the first time always seem to believe she's in some sort of pain. But no, she's just entertaining herself. So of course Alexis was a Screamapiller last year.

If you're familiar with the Simpsons, then you may remember the episode where Homer finds a little caterpillar that likes to scream, wakes up at all hours of the night, has to be fed constantly, and is just about the cutest thing ever. Except for the part where it likes to scream, that is. That character so perfectly matched Alexis' personality last year at this time, that it was a natural choice. So I searched Mr. Google for a few minutes, and found her this Screamapiller costume:

But this year I just can't seem to figure out what would be most fitting. While she adores Dora, I very seriously doubt the wig thing would go over well. Other than that, I got nothing. And I am stressing over it. After all, this is probably the last year that I will have any say in what costume she wears. Next year at this time, she'll be demanding whatever it is that she will be demanding. It's my last chance to come up with the most perfect costume ever. Because you know I'm not ever dressing up. No way.


  1. It'll come to you at midnight Halloween Eve. You know, with not enough time to find it. May you be inspired soon!

    That screamapillar is absolutely adorable, and the pictures even cuter.

  2. As long as it's cute, who cares what it is...and how could it not be cute on a little girl like yours? Besides...perfect isn't a good word to use with kids or Halloween costumes. Too hard a standard to reach. Buy some ears and a tail...let her be a lion that roars. Good luck.

    This is my first visit, somehow I found you and I'm also in Pittsburgh.

  3. Where did you have those pictures taken? Too cute! Hey! Another Pittsburgh blogger! Hi, laundrylessons!

  4. It's a regular Pittburgh party up in here tonight! Y'all will have to keep an eye out for details, but I have a new site under construction just for us. Hopefully it'll be ready for public consumption in about a week.

  5. I should have known better than to think, for even a moment, that I would have any say whatsoever in what Alexis' Halloween costume would be this year. She made her decision this afternoon and apparently it was non-negotiable. She's been running around in it all evening.

    Karen--Thanks! I think all babies are adorable in Halloween costumes. The cutest part of that picture, however, is the memory of the fact that she was not mobile at that point. No walking, no crawling, just some cruising and scooting. Those were the days . . .

    Laundry Lessons--I've been lurking on your blog for a few weeks. Thanks for coming over for a visit!

    Jen--The pictures are from Picture People. Since I only wanted one 8x10 print of a picture of her in her costume, I printed a coupon off their website and ended up getting it for free. I plan to do the same this year.