Wednesday, October 24

Somebody Woke Up Feeling Busy

So far today, Alexis has:

- Emptied her closet of every single article of clothing and spread said articles of clothing all over our upstairs. She can now perform an emergency wardrobe change just about anywhere.

- Dumped a bottle of Dora bubble bath all over the bathroom floor. (Note to makers of Dora bubble bath: Snap top lids are good. Screw off lids are bad. Very bad. I'm not buying any more Dora bubble bath until you switch. Ask Starbucks just how good I am at keeping my boycotting promises.)

- Carried precisely 22 bottles of water from the ledge in the kitchen to the dining room table. Since I was thirsty, I only made her carry 21 of them back.

- Colored part of the living room floor a lovely shade of orange. She then pretended to be Mr. Clean and scrubbed the orange floor until it looked like maple wood again.

- Relocated every item in the bathroom drawer to her crib. Just in case she needs some feminine hygiene products later tonight, I guess.

- Climbed on top of the dining room table and tried to swing from the chandelier. I'm so very sorry to report that she wasn't tall enough to get a good grip. But she did give it her best shot.

- Dumped an entire bag of fish food all over the kitchen floor, picked it up, and dumped it out again, all the while singing, "If fishy hungry! The fishy hungry!" to the tune of If You're Happy and You Know It.

- Poured the dog food out of the dog food bowls and onto the kitchen floor then filled the bowls with the fish food. By the time she was done, the dog food was cleaned up and in the fish food bag. No harm done, I'm sure Meg will be just as willing to eat fish food as she is everything else that fits in her mouth.

And THAT my friends, takes us up to lunchtime. I would tell you about our adventure at the craft store, but I think I need a nap.


  1. Okay, I was reading waay back, and came across the May 21st post, "Busted!", comparing Alexis to the Looney Tunes frog, and my husband and I were amazed! He just made that analogy about Dylan yesterday and I said "Who?"
    Also, the book Alexis is reading in the picture is one of Dylan's all time favorites right now. He cries when I am finished reading it. I think the pictures look like him and his teddy bear Pookie.

  2. That's too funny! Alexis is still Michigan J. Frog. Eyes open = Mouth moving, unless there is a new person around. Suddenly the child who cannot shut up loses her ability to say a single word.

    I Love You Through and Through is still one of her favorites. It might have a little to do with the fact that when we get to "I love your fingers" and "toes" and "ears" and "nose" we have to kiss each one of those body parts. Me kissing her toes never fails to make her giggle. I kind of like it, too :-)

  3. Wow. Just wow. Hurricane Toddler is indeed devastating. So I'm guessing that you got pretty much nothing done.

  4. And enter the dear, loving husband who says "so what did you DO all day?"

    And you get to strangle him.

  5. Fortunately for dear, loved husband, he has the smarts to not ever ask that question. He tried once and it didn't go so well for him.

  6. a visual tinkle1:49 PM

    That's sounds like an average day for me except you have to multiply it by two being that I have twin hurricanes.