Thursday, November 29

Christmas Past, Present, and Future

As I lie awake in the middle of the night just waiting for the Toddler to summons me (as she has every night since we returned from Indianapolis), I was thinking about Christmas gifts. I started on the track of trying to decide if there were any other gifts that I should buy Alexis. That led me thinking about some of my favorite gifts that I received when I was growing up. Before you know it, I had an idea for a meme. And you know what? Mr. Google doesn't say anywhere that there's a rule that says I can't create a meme whenever I want. So I hereby announce my very own meme--Christmas Past, Present, & Future.

Here are the rules:

1. List your favorite childhood Christmas gift, your favorite gift that you received as an adult, and a gift that you would like to receive in the future.
2. Include the badge, if you would like.
3. Tag three people to do the meme.
4. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.

I have to admit that I don't remember a lot of gifts that I received growing up. There was my Cabbage Patch Preemie, Anson Nolan; a doll named Veronica; and a Snoopy electric toothbrush. But my favorite childhood gift was the basketball goal I got from Santa when I was in 5th Grade (my brother is 4 years younger than me, so Santa visited for a bit longer than necessary). Before I got that goal, I would shoot hoops into a goal that was fashioned out of a piece of counter top and a pickle bucket. It was hung from a light post in our backyard. I couldn't bank shots off the backboard since the bucket was nailed directly to it and the ball just wouldn't bounce quite right. I happily got by with that make-do goal for two years. But when I got the fancy real one, I was so excited that I made my Dad hang it up immediately, despite the fact that it was the dead of winter in North Dakota. I sat out in our snow-covered driveway shooting and shooting and shooting, and continued to spend my every opportunity out there for the five years that followed. It didn't matter that the driveway was gravel and I couldn't really practice dribbling because I had a goal. And I loved it.

Last year my husband dared to do the unthinkable--he bought me jeans for Christmas. Most men (wisely) wouldn't dare try to buy a pair of chains for their wife. If they pick too big of a size, there will be whining and nagging. If they pick too small of a size, there will be whining and nagging. And there is simply no way a man could ever pick the right style/fit of jeans. But not only did my dear husband pick the exact right size, he managed to find jeans that fit PERFECTLY. You all know how impossible that is. I ventured back to Gap (where he found them) to buy as many identical pairs as I could, only to learn that they had been discontinued. I scrounged up one pair on clearance (yay me!) and thought that would be the end of the most perfect jeans that ever were made. They recently made a comeback. You know what will be on my list this year.

I would love it if someday I were to receive a trip to Disney World for Christmas. I don't want to spend the actual holiday there (been there, done that, don't recommend it to anyone that hates crowds). I just want plane tickets for the family, tickets to the park, and reservations at a condo. That's not asking for too much, is it? Just knowing the reservations were made would be enough to allow me to have sweet dreams of Mickey and Tower of Terror dancing in my head all through the holiday season.

And now for the tagging! I would like to tag Karen at The Rocking Pony because I heart her for wanting to decorate every room of her house in a different theme, Madame Queen because she doesn't wrap gifts from Santa, and Jen at Rants and Raves because yay! Dylan is walking! If anybody else wants to do it, consider yourself tagged.

Before I leave you, here is my favorite Christmas gift that I've gotten so far this year. I like to call it my Crazy Dancing Toddler and her Doggy Bone Dance. (I swear I have no idea what made her think she should do this.)


  1. I love the Doggy Bone Dance! haha And what an awesome husband to get you the best jeans ever. He must really know (and love) you.

    Thanks for the tag. What a fun one! I'll have to think on that a bit to get some good answers.

  2. Anonymous11:19 PM

    Your husband belongs in the "Spouse Hall of Fame" for the jeans purchase! And the Doggy Bone Dance - too cute!

    On an little tangent . . . my in-laws have a tradition of going to Disneyland on Christmas Eve day every year (they live in L.A.) I don't know why, but spending the day surrounded by tourists and Mickey Mouse made me feel like I was worshiping the anti-Christ. I do, however, love the decorations, the parade, and the fireworks. I suppose we will have to expose the children to it in future years, but I am already lobbying for Hawaii instead.

  3. This is totally unrelated to your post... thanks for the comment on Veronica's Send B to Japan post..
    I told B about your letter writing thingy when you were an exchange student..
    B is now busily writing her own letter.. thanks Kim..

    p.s I like your blog, cheers...

  4. Thanks for the tag! I'm with Karen -- this is going to take some thinking.

    About the jeans. I simply must know what the style is. I'm on a neverending search for the perfect jean as well and if you love these, maybe I will too.

    And as for Disney, I was interested to read your comments because we ALMOST went there for Christmas next year but started planning too late. My dad and step mom are taking us to Dollywood instead and are planning the Disney Christmas trip for next year. It's not me and the crowds I worry about but hubs and the crowds. Oh well. It's a free trip.

  5. I meant we almost went there for Chrismtas THIS year. We are going next year.

  6. I just have to say, I love families who have dogs. Do you know the hassle we get for letting Micah put the dogs' toys in his mouth? Like we have any control over it anyway. But it's good to see that it is completely normal in dog families, and other kids aren't dyeing either.

  7. Oh, Madame Queen, avoid Disney at the holidays. Do as the wise Burgh Mom says. Get your tickets, give them as gifts, and dream of the upcoming vacation. The crowds are the worst thing you'll ever live to tell about. This includes childbirth.

    We were there once over Christmas and waited in line 45 minutes for the only ride we took the kids on. This was during the parade when NOBODY was standing in line.

  8. Your husband should buy all your jeans from now on. Oh, and you can't tease us like that - what are those jeans at Gap called?
    The Dog Bone dance - please tell me that was a new bone that wasn't given to the dogs yet. Please?!
    Thanks for the tag - I like the idea.

  9. Yes, Karen is right. Disney at Christmas is a little like hell on Earth. Not only is it crazy busy, but most of the people that are there have way too much money and feel they are entitled to extra special treatment.

    If you're looking to go when the crowds are the lightest, it's October. Attendance is lowest in mid to late October. The only downside is that there is always one major ride that is closed for maintenance during the month. So if you're going just so you can ride Space Mountain, it's worth a call to Guest Services to make sure that's not the ride scheduled for closure.

  10. Jen--It was a newish bone. Does that help? Like Karen said in her comment, there's just no stopping some things in life, no matter how hard you try.

    I will check the jeans label tonight when I get home. Promise.

  11. I love the dance- too cute!

    And, how cool that you started your very own meme. Your answers are great. I hope someday you get your Disney World trip as a present. Not from me though- I don't spend that much on you for Christmas ;)

  12. Thats a fun meme and I can't wait to read those you tagged. The video of Alexis dancing was precious - she is a gift! Take care and have a good weekend. Kellan

  13. I love the doggy bone dance! Fun stuff. She is just creating all kinds of new dances - the bubble wrap, the doggy bone, what's next? The dirty diaper or the I won't go to bed dance? Way to go on creating a meme!

  14. I just read Karen's. What a great meme idea!

    Hey, thanks for participating in my dorky random list! I need to visit you more often!

  15. Cool meme. Thanks for not asking me. I'm the biggest bah humbug around.

    That jeans story is great. A good pair of jeans is like a day at the beach, alone, on a sunny day, with the waves crashing. Oh, sorry, a good pair of fitting jeans would be real nice.

  16. Hey, I just want to apologize for not doing your meme yet. I've had the post I wrote tonight in my head for a week now, but haven't been able to write it. I knew I'd forget it, if I didn't get it written tonight. I'll do yours next.

  17. Melanie--So does that mean I can expect my Boyd's plush ornaments in the mail? They do cost less than a trip to Disney. :-)

    Kellan--Rumor has it you've already been tagged with the meme. Woohoo! Now I get to read your answers!

    Pam--She does do a diaper dance! She stole it from one of her Signing Time videos, but I'll have to see if I can catch her!

    Cecily--Ditto. I have you marked as a favorite, but you ended up buried between some random stuff that I don't always look at. I need to move you to a better spot!

    Kidzmama--Hey now, no bah humbug around here! Just go to your happy place with the ocean and sand where all jeans fit perfectly and make believe that you like all things related to this wonderful holiday season.

    Jen--Please. It takes me about 8 years to do memes when I get tagged. I'll be OK if it takes you a while or even if you never do it. But I am kind of looking forward to reading your answers since I bet they'll make me laugh!

  18. hey- what was the name of those Gap jeans anyway?? I can't resist a perfect fit pair of jeans....(yes I am choosing to ignore that just because they fit you perfect, it doesn't mean I still won't look like Dumbo in them)....share the good girl ;)

  19. I have gone upstairs THREE times to look at the tag so that I could make sure I wrote the jean style exactly right. Each time, I have forgotten what I went upstairs to do. I will find out. I will share. Promise.

  20. Here is a link to the jeans:

    I think the keys to these jeans are the slightly stretchy (but not to stretchy) fabric, the dark color, the two-button waistband (minimizes muffin tops), and the low-rise (but not too low-rise) fit.

    The "new" bootcut jeans also rock.

  21. Holy carp. How did I not know you had a younger brother. I'm hiding in shame.