Monday, November 5

Important Life Skill MASTERED

There are some things that girls just learn sooner than boys. There are also things that girls learn that boys never quite catch on to. That's just life. Alexis has mastered one of those skills.

A typical conversation lately:

Alexis: Popcorn!
Me: Do you want popcorn?
Alexis: O-KAY! (In her best, "Oh my goodness, you are absolutely a GENIUS for thinking of that! I would LOVE some popcorn and am just so pleased that you thought to ask me!" voice.)

I have gone round and round with her like this for the past few days. That candy she had as an afternoon snack today? Totally my idea. I was also the genius that thought to give her green beans for lunch. I am obviously the smartest parent of all time because I am just so full of great ideas.

Either that or my daughter has mastered the art of making other people think her idea was their idea, thereby making her path to happiness easier. She couldn't have possibly learned it from me.

(BTW, Honey--you're right. I really should get started on putting up the Christmas decorations. I'm so glad I have you to remind me how long it takes to get it all done. Do you have a second to help me start bringing up the boxes?)


  1. I think this is called "Uptalk" and all females seem to do it. Good for her for mastering it so young!

    Are you serious about getting the Christmas things out? I love Christmas but I can't get Halloween put away....Maybe I can just put Santa on top of the jack-oh-lanterns this year. Sigh.

    If you get ready early, put up pictures so I can live vicariously through you.

  2. All the outdoor Halloween decorations are in a pile in our driveway. They'll probably sit there until this weekend.

    It takes me over a month to get the full Griswold effect going, so yeah, I really will start this week. Pictures are definitely forthcoming because I am SO EXCITED (and I just can't hide it, you know, you know) about all the new stuff I bought on clearance last year.

  3. I love the picture of her eating the pickle! She's so expressive in the pictures. I'm still debating if I should bother decorating for xmas, because I have the sneaking suspicion I would just spend all day telling Dylan not to eat everything I put up.

  4. Wow, it truly must be a gender thing. To have mastered that at such a tender young age, and men just never - NEVER - seem to get it.

  5. This was so cute!! They do do that and it is a tactic, isn't it? So adorable - and that pickle picture - precious. See ya.

  6. Men really don't ever figure it out, do they? I caught Daddy falling for her little act a few minutes ago.

    The pickle picture is definitely my new all-time favorite. It's going to be great looking at it years from now and remembering the story of what was going on when it was taken. Funny how pictures can be worth a million words and yet don't at all tell the story.

  7. Jen--If you don't decorate, I'm coming to your house and doing it for you. I couldn't live with myself if I allowed you to go through Dylan's second Christmas without at least something little for him to stare at from a really far, far distance. Then you can yell at me when he figures out how to get to it, dismantles it, and eats the remains. It'll be fun, I promise!

  8. Oh, pickles! Mine lived on pickles, ketchup and bread from months 9-12ish.