Tuesday, November 20

Meme Meme Mene Meme

I was tagged a little while back for 7 (more) random things about me. This time Veronica was the one spreading the meme love. While I really should be doing things that would in some way contribute to us leaving early in the morning, this seems like more fun. So here goes:

1. I don't remember the name of Alexis' Cabbage Patch doll, but mine were named Karla Robyn and Anson Nolan. Karla had light brown curly yarn hair and green eyes and Anson was a bald little preemie with blue eyes. Isn't it great that I can remember those completely useless tidbits, but can't remember if I have already washed my hair after just two minutes in the shower?

2. You can drop me in any major city in the United States and I will find a Target store. I realized that I had this skill back when I travelled a lot for work. I needed to pick up candy for my training classes since it tends to get ruined when shipped. I never once failed to provide the chocolate love.

3. Alexis is already working on acquiring her own Target location system. She's not looking for candy, however. She wants her popcorn. She starts chanting "popcorn" the second she sees the red stripe on the side of the building. The bulls eye sends her completely over the edge. I accept full responsibility for creating that monster. A bag of popcorn is all it takes for me to get to shop in peace for at least 20 minutes. That's totally worth the $1.07 if you ask me.

4. I was a foreign exchange student in Spain during high school. While I was there, I completely blew off classes. Who wouldn't while living less than a mile from the Mediterranean? The one and only class I did really well in was Math. Apparently Calculus is the International language. English is not. I got the equivalent of a B because the instructor and I evidently don't speak the same version of English. Anytime I answered a question differently than he would, he said I was incorrect. He was completely unwilling to entertain the thought that perhaps I spoke American English while he was speaking British English and that neither one of us was wrong.

5. I long ago began referring to Alexis as Michigan J. Frog because of the fact that she will stop whatever she's doing if she realizes she has an audience. It turns out that is a more than accurate moniker for her. The girl LOVES to sing, especially in the car. But if anyone so much as glances her way, she stops. It's making it very difficult to capture her singing on video. But I will because you have never seen anything as cute as a one-year old singing.

6. Meg (the Bulldog), Jasmine (the Lhasa Apso), and Powder (the white cat) are all named for Disney characters. Ten points goes to the first person that can name all three of the movies referenced.

7. I was a professional musician in high school. Seriously. I was paid $70 per show to perform in the pit orchestra at the summer theatre in Minot, North Dakota. I played clarinet, oboe, and saxophone. My favorite show was Guys and Dolls, mostly because I got to play my Soprano clarinet. Said Soprano clarinet is in our basement and I can still play it, but I doubt anyone would pay to hear me these days.

I would tag seven people to do this next, but I can't think of that many people that haven't done it lately. So I'll just tag Jayna at My Longest Year and Kidzmama at Not a Spare Minute.


  1. You KNOW I'm gonna do it! I am a meme whore. It's my thing.

    I also played clarinet. In the marching band. I was awesome!

  2. Darn it--I was going to tag you and chickened out at the last second!

    North Dakotans aren't known for their marching band skills (something about it being too damn cold to think about walking around outdoors), but I ROCKED in jazz band.

  3. Sigh. You have GOT to stop copying me. You and your KSU-going, language-majoring, woodwind-playing self are starting to freak me out over here :-)

    Jazz, concert and marching band - clarinet and alto, tenor and baritone. I was the shit in jazz band with my sax that was almost as big as me.

    And I'm stumped on the Disney names - Hercules, Aladdin and . . . I know there was a movie called Powder, but then I also thought one of the kittens in the Aristocats was called Powder. Hmm . . .

    And, I would like to thank you for my first official meme tag. I'm so excited :-)

  4. My Cabbage Patch kids were Calandra Laraine (with red braids) and Angus Alfred, who was bald. Sigh. I wish I couldn't remember such useless trivia but I can't seem to help myself.

    The Michigan J. Frog comment cracked me up. Just wait til she gets a little older and then she'll be begging you to film her. Both of my kids are camera hounds!

  5. Well, you have stumped me on the movies- I know Meg (Hercules) and Jasmine (Aladdin), but I don't know about Powder. There was that movie called Powder but hell if I know if it was a Disney movie or not. So....you got me - I lose! I also am glad to hear about your hair washing problem. I was in the shower yesterday- standing there with my hair all wet and I couldn't remember if I has rinsed out the shampoo already or just got my hair wet to wash it. Seriously?? Oh, and the Target popcorn- I would pay one hundred and seven dollar if it got me some time to shop in piece! 20 minutes- heck yeah- I'll take it!

  6. An exchange student - how fun! And so very ironic that you didn't do as well in English.

    I love the Disney names, but can't for the life of me place Powder. It's obviously not off any of Micah's favorites. You'll just have to spill.

    Popcorn is definitely a life saver. We get from McD while shopping at the Super Center.

  7. Oh, and DUH, I forgot to mention that I've passed on an award to you. Congrats!

  8. Hercules, Aladdin, and Powder it is. The white cat in Aristocats is Marie, and my husband wouldn't let me give the little guy a girl name. He needed a name that alluded to his pure white shedding self, and I had just watched Powder. Not my best naming moment. If I were to rename him, he would be Jafar. He's sneaky, bossy, and grumpy like Jafar, so it would fit.

    My husband named the gray cat Coal (as in charcoal gray) to go with the flow when he was acquired a week after Powder. He's the only one that missed out on a Disney name. In retrospect, he should be named Eeyore. It would fit his personality perfectly.

    Jasmine (the Princess that just wants to be a street rat) and Meg (technically Megara--doesn't know whether she's good or bad) fit their names to a T. So did Prince Ali, the cat that we lost earlier this year.

  9. Anonymous9:53 AM

    I wear at least three layers of deoderant on a daily basis because I can never remember if I put it on! It may be time to switch to something that isn't unscented, but I don't feel the need to smell like a baby's bottom, a rain shower, or a plant.

    Love learning more about you!

  10. Okay, okay, I get the meme thing. This is my first so it may take a day, but I'll do it.

    Thanks for sharing! Happy travels.

  11. Karen over at The Rocking Pony sent me your way! I'm so glad!

    I love this post! As a true-blue Disney fanatic, I absolutely love the fact that you've named your pets after Disney characters. We actually named one of our dogs after a character as well--Kenai. Think you know who it is? :)

    (if you're stumped, hop over to my blog and ask. I'll tell ya!)

  12. These are all so interesting - you are very interesting! I loved the Target thing and the Cabbage Patch doll thing! You are funny. See you soon. Have a good Thanksgiving. Kellan

  13. I don't like doing Memes, but I really like reading them. Thanks for an interesting read.

    Have a great Thanksgiving.

    I hope you're smiling!

  14. What diverse talents! Target radar and musician. Did you like Spain? My daughter wants to go there.

  15. You know I dig me some Tarzhay pumpkin. And, why did I think there was only one cat?