Sunday, December 2

He Claims it's My Fault

The Toddler has taken to referring to her father by his first name. He says it's my doing because I say his name in front of her too much. I paid attention all day and the ONLY times that I used his first name was when I was nagging him, fussing at him, yelling at him, or arguing with him. In other words, it's 100% his own fault.

It's game time, folks. Go Steelers!

(And go giant, tacky inflatable thing! You can do it! Blow up already!)


  1. It could be worse. At least it's not a swear word associated with Dad.

    I seriously heart red striped pajamas.

  2. My actual name is kind of difficult for kids to say so I always think its kind of cool to hear them say it. I think, though, that using freaks them out a little more than it does me.

    And Karen's right. At least it wasn't a swear word!

  3. I third the notion that at least there wasn't a swear word in there.

    The other day I went to pick the kids up at day care - knocked and went in. I heard Ashlyn (she couldn't see me yet) say "Is it Pam?" Uhm, when did she start calling me Pam?? If I push you out of me- you will call me mommy!

    But, hey, I agree with ya! If you didn't have to say hubby's name so often to remind him of things- she wouldn't hear it.

    We have decided at my house that we have no romance left because we refer to each other as mommy and daddy- even when we are not talking to the kids. We need another date day (or night)!

    How about the freaking rain...again! I'm not liking this game so far...we need to get some good drives going here. Here's hoping it turns around or I will be grumpy teacher tomorrow (okay, well, that might just happen regardless!).

    Just curious...what did you allow Alexis to eat today?? ha ha ha- I crack myself up!

  4. Anonymous9:39 PM

    When my 2.5-year-old can't find my husband or wants something from him he yells, "Hey hon!" It was cute for awhile, but it has now become obvious that he thinks that is what Daddy should be called.

    I am with Karen - I LOVE the pajamas!

  5. Yes, hail Mary, at least it's not a curse word, no? I love those shots! Playing OH SO hard! :)

  6. When Isaac started doing that we ignored it and it went away. I'm not saying that was a brilliant parenting decision or anything, I'm simply saying we were too tired to figure out what to do. Luckily it worked.

    Gracie never went through that phase. After I read your post I started thinking about it though and I don't know how often we actually refer to each other by name either. Mostly it's "Hey!"

    Sometimes I get Jon's attention by throwing something at him. When the kids picked THAT one up it was all my fault.

  7. Too cute, she's calling him by his first name! Cute pictures of Alexis - playing house! See ya.

  8. Don't ask me. I am now "Mom".

    Not "Mama".

    Just "Mom".

  9. Well, I can honestly say my boys have never called each of us by our names.

    However... *sigh*... I might be to blame for them saying "Dude!" so much....

  10. I get called by the nickname my husband has for me, which is Red.
    She calls Cody "dude"
    She's my kid alright.

  11. I'm a little slow realizing, but I just noticed that she's checking the label on her can of "soup." THAT'S MY GIRL! I'm so proud right now . . . she might eat dog bones, but she knows to read labels.

    The PJs were a gift from Grandma. She bought an identical pair for her cousin that is the same age. We had high hopes of photos of them wearing their matching pajamas, but then Alexis went and got sick while we were in Indy. Boo.

    Jenny H--I'm sorry. I dread that day. 'Mommy' is my most favoritest word in the English language.

  12. She calls Mr H by his name, because she hears you say it in vain. Even I know that.