Tuesday, December 25

A Note to Alexis

My Dearest Alexis,

I'm sorry; I saw no way out. Just know that I am every bit as embarrassed as you are, and I will do whatever I have to in order to ensure that no photos survive the day. You will be getting an extra present as a reward for being such a good sport.

Again, I'm sorry.

Love ya' kid,


  1. It must be the most hideous outfit ever.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh, I just HAVE to know more. You can't give us this tidbit and not the full deal...come on girl, fess up all the details!

    Hope you all had a great Christmas!

  3. This is missing something: it's got the beginning, the end, but where, oh, where is the middle?

  4. Y'all know very well that I can't provide details. That would be the one and only time the words on the screen would actually get read.

    (BTW, Karen is the smartest blogger I know.)

  5. HEY~ NO FAIR! I agree with the others- you can't just leave us hanging like that.. we aren't all as smart as Karen, ya know! LOL! HINT??? SUBLIMINAL Message?? anything?? LOL!!

    xoxo and Merry Christmas anyway!

  6. So...I'm connecting the dots and poor, dear Alexis must have had to wear something not too pretty...I'm guessing a relative bought it...just nod if I'm right- oh, darn, I can't actually see you ;)

  7. I'm guessing it was frilly with lots of pretty bows and that it didn't include delightful strappy Dora sandals.

  8. Oh, Jen, if only that were the case. Frilly I can cope with. It's when Christmas throws up all over fabric that I have serious issues.

  9. oh, can't you have a private password-enabled picture?

    first the K-mart thing and now this! WE HAVE TO KNOW!