Saturday, December 8


-- Geesh, people, all you want to talk about is the jeans. Well, here you go. Before you wander over to, make sure to note the fine detailing of the most perfect jeans ever made. Those little pocket flaps? Look good on all sizes of booty. The little bit of stretch? Not so much that the things are saggy and gross at the end of the day. Low rise? Yes, but not so much that you'll be competing with the plumber or the Best Crack Award. The dark color? Flattering! If anybody wants to throw a pair under the tree for little ol' me, make them a size 8 long.

-- I've officially decided that you haven't lived until you've gone Christmas shopping at the mall with a feisty Toddler. The adrenaline rush you get from the brisk pace, constant corralling, and fast decision-making kicks butt.

-- There will be no pictures of Alexis with Santa this year. When I asked, she enthusiastically said she wanted to see Santa. By that, she meant that she wanted to point from afar, smile, giggle, etc. But no way was she ever going to go past the five yard line. When I tried to walk in for the touchdown, her Daddy heard her screams all the way from the Steelers store. I found the whole thing to be exactly what I expected. The photographer seemed a bit weirded out by it, however. I guess some parents must force the issue. That's way too much drama for my liking.

-- A few of our nieces are big fans of Bratz. I personally despise the things and have permanently banned the dolls and all items bearing their images from our house. My dear husband didn't understand my vehement stance about them and thought we should consider some as Christmas gifts for the nieces. So we stopped to look at them in Target. His response when he saw them? "They're all dressed like hookers." Yes, honey, that is one of the reasons I don't like them. There's also this whole attitude thing that I just can't get in to. Ain't nobody getting any Bratz now.

-- One of these two is really enjoying the hugfest. The other one, notsomuch:


  1. I absolutely HATE Bratz too. Who would let their child have anything named bratz? Definitely not a good thing to be a brat.

  2. Becky-I once stumbled onto the cartoon while channel surfing. Honest to goodness, I was frozen in place just waiting for one of the them to drop the f-bomb. It wouldn't seem one bit out of place.

  3. I have an i=obsession against Winnie the Pooh!!! Nothing winnie is allowed in the house or near the little one!

  4. I didn't like Bratz either and banned them from my house. Then I had a second daughter and gave in.

    The eldest and I took the youngest daughter to see the Bratz movie though and we were pleasantly surprised. It actually had a MORAL, surprising since all the actresses were still dressed like hookers....

  5. Mel--You're going to have to explain the Pooh thing to me one of these days. I'm thinking there must be some sort of tramatic event that is the root of your hatred.

    Leanne--That is hysterical. I'm glad it had a moral, even if the girls dress like Britney Spears.

  6. I have been searching for flap-pocket jeans long enough for me.

    Thank you. A million times.


  7. If you like shopping with a toddler so much, I think you should try shopping with a 3 year old and an infant - you won't even know what you bought by the end - you will just happily hand over your credit card to make the whole experience end. Oh, you don't have an infant and 3 year old? I'll send mine over for you to borrow ;)

    If you happen to get extra 8 long jeans--I'll be happy to take them off your size too!

    I agree on the Bratz! Hookers not allowed!

    I'm odd - I hate Barney. It is the only purple thing I don't like! (well, that and the Ravens!)

    Go Steelers! (though I will not guarantee a win like some of the players)

    Oh, and thanks for forgiving the ppp thing!

  8. Bratz? Not allowed here either. It's everything wrong with spoiled brats personified.

    The black & gold on my background is the MacLeod tartan..our clan.

    Oh, and shopping w/toddler? You are a brave brave woman!

    Your big Ben better have a great game today. My fantasy playoff future is riding on him. Go Steelers (Never thought a Houstonian would say that! FF makes strange bedfellows!!)

  9. All Adither--Glad to be of service. I just wish the darn things would go on sale.

    Pam--You're exactly right. It's so much easier to make a decision when your Toddler is running down the aisle as fast as she can.

    Barney is another one I can't handle. I might as well face it, I just don't like most commercialized characters. Dora and Sesame Street have invaded, but I'm doing what I can to keep everybody else out. We shall see if I succeed.

    AFF--You are so right that Ben better have a good game. I might have to run him over with a big car if he doesn't. FF does make for strange bedfellows, doesn't it? I am committed to hating the Cowboys, but sure do jump for joy when Romo scores a touchdown these days. I didn't make it to the playoffs in my league, but I can't blame Romo one bit.

  10. I despise the little prostitots dolls.
    I loved this post!! You're so much fun to come visit :-)

  11. I think you might have discovered THE perfect jean. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now, I must go try them on. If they don't make me look awesome I think I'll just cry!

    Bratz are banned here too. They should have just gone ahead and named them the Slutz dolls.

    That is a precious picture. I bet Meg is enjoying on the inside. :)

  12. Oooh, shopping with toddlers should be considered an Olympic sport. When you throw in 3 bored older children it becomes a marathon event. It's truly not for the faint of heart. Or the sane for that matter.

    You know, I had a thing against Barbie. What child of mine needed to see boobs that size upon changing a doll's outfit? And you know they lay around naked way more often than they should. Suddenly Barbie looks wonderful compared to those Bratz. Ho, Ho, Ho - all of them.

    I'm lovin' the hug-fest myself.

  13. BBM, You wear long jeans! How tall are you? I love tall friends. You know who we are all complaining to when they don't fit us, and aren't the best jeans "EVAH".
    Bratz dolls are evil - good for you for refusing to buy them. I'm also with Karen - the whole Barbie thing annoys me.
    Love the picture - Alexis is all "Oh, I love you so much", and the dog is all "Is that your breath or mine?"

  14. Rachel--Thanks!

    Madame Queen--I love those jeans. I want to hug them and kiss them and squeeze them tight. I'd love them even more if they'd go on sale already. (Gap, do you hear me? Put them on sale, darn it!)

    I like that name, Slutz Dolls. It fits perfectly.

    Karen--You made me laugh out loud with the "ho, ho, ho" comment. Growing up, I never actually had any Barbies. Didn't care either since I much preferred playing football with the boys than dressing dolls. But you're right, they do spend a whole lot of time topless. And they are certainly better than Bratz.

    Jen--I'm only 5' 8", but I have a 32" inseam. Longs are usually a tiny bit too long, but regulars bring out "where's the flood?" comments. But since we're complaining about clothes, why are the sleeves on all women's sweatshirts so darn short? I HATE THAT!

    It's definately the dog's breath. No doubt about it.

  15. BBM- that is my same problem with jeans....regular jeans are my floods, but I end up walking all over the bottoms of the longs....I prefer that to floods though!

    My daughter has 2 Barbies and they are ALWAYS naked! One was mine when I was growing up and the other one was a gift she got....they actually have changed Barbie's proportions. But she is still an unrealistic stick figure type things with big cantaloupes! It is just rubbing it in my face as I sit her with boobs sagging down to my knees from breastfeeding two kids. Do you think they can make a post baby Barbie...that would be a bit more realistic and when the darn things lay around naked, at least it will be familiar!

  16. Yeah, Bratz make me twinge just a bit.

    But that photo makes me SMILE. That dog's expression is PERFECT.

  17. Pam--I've said it before, and I'll say it again: why can't women's jeans come in all different lengths like mens? Obviously it's possible, and tons of women would LOVE being able to find jeans in just the right length.

    What do you mean Barbie's proportions aren't realistic? I think I look just like her. It's an uncanny resemblence, truth be told. ;-)

    Workformom--Bulldogs make great facial expressions. Maybe that's why Meg ends up in so many photos and our other dog is hardly ever captured on film.

  18. I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at your Barbie resemblance comment. You poor thing - how on earth do you stand up straight with those jugs going on, and no hips to support them? It's no wonder you need long jeans with those legs. ;)

  19. Karen--Don't forget the feet that only can walk in super-high heels. While that may be Barbie's (and my) hottest quality, it definately makes walking a bit of a challenge.


  20. I have one question - do these jeans fit true to size or should go up or down a size?

  21. Those legs are very hot, and I cannot fathom how you run after a toddler all day in those heels. I would never want to walk in your shoes.

    However, I just purchased a pair of your fave jeans and am hoping for the best. $20 on eBay, baby!