Thursday, December 13

Random is All I Can Muster

- I do apologize, Internet, for I have ignored you today. I have a valid excuse, at least in my approximation. I took a little trip over to Chicago for a meeting and a chance to play in a really big mud hole today, and didn't bother to bring my laptop along. The withdrawal symptoms became evident well before lunch and I'm still trying to find something to cure the shakes. Oh Internet, you're an addictive one. I promise to never go cold turkey on you like that again.

- When I dropped Alexis off at daycare today, I learned that there was a logical explanation for the thing that happened yesterday. Crazy Daycare Lady isn't too good at that new-fangled math thing. As she was apologizing profusely for the tight quarters, she mentioned that they previously held the program at the daycare center. But since it can only hold about 75 people, she wanted to move it to somewhere that would hold 100. Her rationale for that number was that each child was likely to have, on average, four fans attending the show. There were 40 kids. Last time I checked, 40 times 4 comes out to just a few more than 100. Add in the kids themselves, and well, there you go. Yes, Virginia, it was that packed.

- While I was in the airport, I was reminded that I am good people and that many travellers are jerks. While standing in line at security, a woman unknowingly dropped a $20. I was a little too far back to get her attention immediately and before I could get to the cold hard cash, a gentleman picked it up and shoved it in his pocket. He wasn't amused when I told him, "The lady in the grey sweater dropped it." He forked it over to her, but I know he was cussing me out in his head. Karma's a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

- Somebody who lives in my house (and is not 32-inches tall) claims to be quite the Scrooge. And yet, when I arrived home earlier this evening, every single Christmas tree was lit, each fiber optic atrocity was glowing, and not a single Christmas candle was dark. Unless the Toddler has taken to playing with lighters when I'm not around, I do believe I need to call bulls@#t. Dude, you like the Christmas Kingdom and you know it. Just admit it already.

- Mistletoe is not a requirement when two creatures really love each other:


  1. I'm thinking he loves you more than the Christmas Kingdom. How sweet of him to have everything lit up for your return.

    My dearest was complaining the other night that he would have been in bed 20 minutes earlier had he not been forced to blow out candles and pull plugs. But you know, deep down, they love it as much as we do.

  2. I love that picture! :)

    BTW... I tagged you for an interesting meme. Its not required blogging, but its definitely thought-provoking.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture!

  4. The Christmas Kingdom! HA! That's a good one. I guess that would make you the Christmas Queen. It was VERY sweet of him to have everything lit up for your arrival.

    That picture is priceless!!

  5. Can I please have that dog? PRETTY PLEASE? I think my wieners need a bulldog for Xmas!!


  6. Karen--You're absolutely right. There is no doubt in my mind that they love it as much as we do, they just feel the need to whine endlessly so as to not reveal the truth.

    Sports Mama--Thanks! I'll pop over and check it out later this evening. You never know when I'll need a little help thinking of what to write.

    Shellie--Thank you very much.

    Madame Queen--There is only one Queen, and I do believe it is you.

    Wonderful World of Weiners--It took my husband ten years of pleading to get her, so I'll start your timer now.

  7. the pic is too cute! (I love bulldogs, too...but opted for bulldog-light: Boston Terriers)

    and kudos to you for callin' that guy to the rug about swiping the lady's money. Wish more people were like that, then we probably wouldn't have half the crime!

  8. Dear Daycare Lady: you need to go back to elementary school. PS You no longer get to take care of the kiddos if you have the same IQ.

    That picture is PRICELESS!!

  9. Colleen--I wish we had opted for Bulldog-lite. Much money could have been saved.

    Such Simple Pleasures--Thanks! Scenes like that one are a daily occurence in our house. Maybe even hourly.

    AFF--Ha! There is some math that Crazy Daycare Owner Lady is good at: If you figure 50 kids (gotta' include the infants, after all) are enrolled and each one is bringing in at least $180 per week, Crazy Lady ain't doing so bad. She's smart enough to surround herself with a really good staff so that she can keep the kids, but not smart enough to book a place for a Christmas program. Or to mind her own business, for all it matters.

  10. That is such a cute picture! Have a great weekend!

  11. It must be true love.

    What a sweet picture.

  12. Wow- I am sure glad I wasn't the math teacher of the Crazy day care lady! Hope you enjoyed your trip. Sorry about the Grinch at the airport..but super big cheer for you for doing the right thing and not letting him get away with pocketing the cash! Huh, apparently your toddler likes to light candles ;) and kiss dogs! That is quite a combination ;) Maybe she kissed the dog first and then light the candles to get rid of the dog breath smell in her nose....

  13. I'm not saying one word about your daycare lady and her math flub. Given the dumb, dumb stuff I've pulled out of my hat this week, it pales in comparison.

    Love the picture!

  14. The bad breath thing must have been cleared up. Does she love anyone else in that house? Spread the love, Alexis!

  15. That photo is just too adorable for words :)

    I do think I share the same internet addiction...we need to form a support group.

  16. Tammy--You too!

    Kidzmama--It's actually getting to be a little nauesating. Still cute, but just barely.

    Pam--You might be on to something there. Meg doesn't have the worst breath ever, but she is all dog.

    Cecily--To know the woman is to realize that nothing she says is ever wrong. That's part of what makes her new math funny.

    Jen--I think she loves Jasmine more, but, alas, Jasmine does not feel the same. As such, she runs for dear life anytime the Toddler seems lovey. Ditto for the cats.

    Sandy--I definately need a support group. Well, maybe many support groups.

  17. That is a gorgeous photo.

    I bet the grinch in the line is still cursing your name ;)