Saturday, January 26

All Over the Place (In Writing AND In Life)

- Work has been interfering with my Internet time the past few days, and I do apologize. There are currently over 100 blog posts sitting in my reader summoning me, but I probably won't be able to get to them until Monday or Tuesday. Work has finally relinquished its hold over my brain, so if I can just knock out a few Toddler birthday preparations and help her enjoy her day however she sees fit, then I should be home free once again.

- Speaking of Toddler birthday preparations, due to Mr. Puff and Beep's failure to send me home Wednesday, I didn't get around to the cupcakes until today. I wanted to send them on Friday, but since nobody is going to put on their care face over the whole thing, I figured Monday would suffice. You must now marvel at the cuteness while keeping in mind that my husband thinks I should run around with a t-shirt that says "Domestically Challenged."

I totally rock the cupcake-making universe. Notice how they are in ice cream cones instead of wrappers? How considerate am I to realize that three daycare teachers probably wouldn't particularly enjoy rushing around trying to unwrap 20 cupcakes whilst the beasts clamber around them? (We'll just ignore how I'm giving the beasts a sharp pointy toothpick to poke somebody's eye out with since I couldn't think of anything else to use as the "stem".)

- Remember how my list of things I should do at home while Mr. Puff and Beep was holding me hostage included making Alexis a birthday t-shirt? Yeah, well it isn't quite done yet. I should be able to finish up in the morning, but it doesn't matter because when I opened up the mail this morning, I found this:

Karen. You rock, and not just the pony. Did you know that I LOVE surprises? Did you know that I was torn as to how deal with wanting "Little Miss I'm Two" needing to wear her special shirt two days in a row? Surprise! Now she'll have a shirt for each day! Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

As for the rest of you, get over to the woman's shop and do some damage already. I recommend this and this and this and I absolutely LOVE this. I want to see her shop welcome message say she's backed up until April. Go make it so. I'll wait.

(Just in case you're all "GAH! Enough with the Karen already!" can I just say, we've never met. Wanna. Gonna. Haven't. She just so happens to be good people and creates amazing things for kids. So this ain't no paid post, folks. Now go shop already!)

- Speaking of shopping, we ventured out into the world today to attempt to find something for Alexis for her birthday. We figured we should probably buy her at least one present. Mr. Husband REALLY wants to buy her a car so that she can run over the flowers in my garden and then test if it floats by driving it through the pond. Considering that right now she probably could drive it over the pond very easily, I suggest he wait a month or two and then get her some fancy wheels when it's actually warm enough to drive them. So, I grabbed a doll she's been interested in:

I don't think the damn thing is going to survive to see the morning. I don't know what the heck her name is, but Satan's doll is on my last nerve and she has yet to leave her package and enter Toddler hands. The stupid thing coos and cries and thrusts its arms around when it needs soothed. Which is all.the.freakin.time. It's allegedly motion activated, but the packaging failed to mention that all that has to move is one electron of a blasted molecule. It's supposed to stop when you give it a pacifier. Yeah, right. It won't shut up. I'm going to kill it.

- The Toddler's birthday commences in a matter of minutes. Let's just hope she doesn't decide to start the celebrations at 3:00 in the morning.

(BTW, I'm so sorry for the "electron" and "molecule" and, you know, big words up there. I've been hanging around about 150 Geotechnical Engineers for the past three days, and I think they may have inadvertently made me smarter. I mean really, I've been talking about micropiles and slurry walls like, I don't know, like somebody who actually understands what they are and what they do. Scary, I know. Oh, and I didn't go to the function where I might have met her. There weren't enough hours in the day nor apparently enough fabric to cover all the bits and pieces I prefer to have covered when I go to a work function. Could somebody please let the fashion designers of the world know that not all woman like to wear dresses that are so low cut their belly buttons hang out? Or that we don't all wear A cups? Thanks.)


  1. Happy Birthday to Alexis!!

    And yeah, haven't you learned to stay away from those darn motion activated toys? Seriously, some little programmer out there is laughing his ass off at all the parents he managed to annoy by leaving the "off" function out of the program.

    Those cupcakes rock. Genius with the cones.

  2. who doesn't love birthdays??? And this post rocked! you are the cupcake queen!

    The fact that you are going to READ those posts and not just mark them as read is really admirable. Cupcakes... committed reader... the deal is clenched! you ARE my hero!

  3. Happy Birthday Alexis!

    Those cupcakes are awesome.

  4. Happy Birthday Alexis!!

    Those cupcakes are the cutest thing I've ever seen! Don't let your husband give you anymore grief -- I'd say you're giving Martha a run for her money. And as for Karen, she definitely does rock!

    And that doll? Sounds like a real baby! What were you thinking? ;)

  5. I'd be taking the doll back, even at risk of letting Alexis choose whatever else she wanted for her big day. And speaking of which


    (Yes, all in caps because I need her to hear me all the way out here, and it's a big event for her.)

    The cupcakes ROCK! I haven't seen anything so cute in ages. The cones? Nice touch.

    I'm so glad the shirt arrived in time. If I just wouldn't procrastinate so... We NEED pictures of the awesome shirt she'll be wearing on her actual day. TODAY!!! (Yours, right?)

  6. You constantly crack me up!!

    Those cupcakes are great! I was going to make cupcakes in ice cream cones last year for Ashlyn - only mommy of the year bought the jumbo cones that don't fit in the cupcake pan. Seeing those- I am inspired to try again this year! I love the flowers on the top!

    Happy Birthday Alexis! I hope two is all you expected it to be!

  7. Happy Birthday Alexis!!!! Those cupcakes are SO cool! Very lucky girl!!!

    Have a great time! And your google reader? Well mine hasn't been under 100 since I started using it. Right now I am getting back under control, I only have 183 unread posts. I think I have bit off way more than I can chew.

  8. Anonymous9:56 AM

    HAPPY B-DAY BURGH BABY!! Yay Alexis. And, after all the problems with my personalized sites, Karen gave you major props. YAY Karen. When the next paycheck comes, I'm gonna back the woman up!

  9. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Oh, and Happy Birthday to the JOHN CRAPPER & THE TOILET, too. HAHAHHAHA

    I slay me!

  10. Happy Birthday Alexis! I hope you all have a fun day celebrating. Very cute cupcakes.

  11. Happy Birthday to your little pumpkin!!

    I have to say your cupcakes are marvehlous, darling!!

    And that shirt, how freaking cute is that!!

  12. We once had an issue with a Buzz Lightyear that used to scream in the middle of the night "Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!!!". All by itself, everynight. Yeah, he mysteriously dissapeared about 2 weeks later, never to be seen again!! So I understand. Have a good party! The cupcakes are awesome.

  13. I smell cupcakes! I'm really considering licking my monitor just to try them. Those are the bomb! When Alexis isn't looking I think you should "disable" the doll.

    Happy Birthday Alexis!!

  14. those are the best cupcakes I have ever seen.

  15. OK those cupcakes totally rock! I'm sad you didn't get to meet Ms. Food Poisoning! I was hoping for a good story! LOL That doll sounds just so pleasant... I will remember to buy it for my friend's daughter's birthday! HAHAHA


  16. Damn, I was hoping to hear her story!

    Well, good luck with the birthday party and those cupcakes are TOTALLY the BOMB! :)

  17. Happy Birthday, Alexis!!! I hope everything went well today.

    Those cupcakes ROCK! You are seriously talented. I don't know what your husband is thinking.

    Karen also rocks, and I have got to go order some stuff.

    And that doll? With it's constant noises and needing to be soothed? Sounds just like my real baby. And her motion sensor is almost always activated. So you can tell Alexis it's just like a real baby.

  18. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Happy Birthday, Alexis! And Happy Birthing Day, Momma - you did a lot of hard work that day!

    My aunt sent Maren on of those dolls for her birthday - I am SO glad I haven't gotten around to putting batteries in it. My mom got her the more practical (and noise free) Cabbage Patch Preemie. She's one people. All she wants to do is lick their faces and bite their noses. Wise investment.

    The cupcakes are adorable! The domestic diva crown is yours this week!

  19. Boo for work, but awesome cupcakes which will totally compromise your 'domestically challenged' claim. Good luck with the doll--the car may have been less annoying even accounting for the crushed flowers. And is it me or did you sound really, really smart?

  20. Damn work, getting in the way of life!

    Happy birthday to your boss! And congrats to making it to 2!! (To the both of you!)

    Oh, and you are my cupcake hero!! Those cupcakes ROCK!!

  21. OMGosh, look at those cupcakes! You are the cupcake makin Diva!

    Happy Birthday Alexis!!!!!

  22. Hey! I love to wear dresses cut so low my belly button hangs out! Even as a double D. So there. Those dresses are designed just for me. :P

    Happy Birthday Alexis!

  23. Those cupcakes are amazing!

  24. Those cupcakes are so cute!!!! I miss having a little girl and buying dollys. My daughter is almost 14 and all she wants is clothes, music, makeup, etc.

  25. Sadly, if I try to wear something meant for an "A" cup....more than my belly button hangs out.

    Loved the cupcakes!

  26. Me, too, Sports Mama. A whole lot of more hangs out.


    I sure hope it was great! I'll bet those cupcakes were a big hit! The best part is getting the kids all sugared-up and not being there to witness the mass chaos aftermath! :D

    I was waiting all weekend to hear about your encounter with that crazy-omg-you-mean-this-gigantic-tummy-means-I'm-pregnant lady. Boo-hiss on those fashion designers who think all women have no breasts and like to show off their navels.

  28. I have a hard time finding work clothes now too! Hello, I love the button down shirts, but, um, the C's just won't freakin fit! If I get them a size bigger, they are huge everywhere else!

  29. Those look adorable!!! ;-)