Wednesday, January 9

I Suck at Acknowledgements

Somewhere along the way, I started to get really bad at acknowledging when other bloggers say nice things. It's quite simply inexcusable, so I apologize. I went back and tried to find as many of the awards you kind folks bestowed on me as I could so that I could pay them forward, so here goes:

Veronica at Sleepless Nights hearts me, and I heart her back.

I also heart Holly, Karen, Pam, Jen, Luckysevn, and everybody else in my blogroll. (Frankly, I was going to list way more of you, but I am tired of copying and pasting urls. So look over in my blogroll--if you're there, I love you. If you're not there, I probably still love you. I just haven't copied and pasted your url because I'm lazy like that. Yelling at me does work as motivation.)

Pam at Random Thoughts has been showing me LOTS of love:

We Steelers fans always stick together. As for passing these suckers on, I'm going to be a completely annoying blogger and just say that everybody that comments here completely deserves it! Seriously, I don't know where you all have been coming from lately, but I really, truly appreciate it, especially if you take the time to leave a comment.

Finally, MamaGeek at What Works for Us gave me this super-cute award:

This time I am playing favorites. I'm passing this one on to the first person who ever added me to a blogroll, Jayna at My Longest Year. Her longest year is slowly coming to a close, and I hope she keeps on blogging long after her husband returns home. I need my routine fix of the super-cute Baby E, plus Jayna is just plain a nice person. Thanks for hanging with me for all this time, Jayna!


  1. Smooches. Even tho you did call me a brat. NYAHHH.

  2. Ooooh, pretty shiny things! Thankyou!

    I also passed you along bling here. Did you forget?

    And I know how that feels, I have a few memes and awards I havent gotten around to yet.

  3. I heart you as well! I'm glad I did discover you, cause you are funny and your daughter is super cute. And when I'm tired and grumpy, you make me feel better. :-)

  4. Awww, thanks, Caramama!

  5. What, wait, how did I miss this post? You know, for some reason I seem to have less time this year than last year.

    You deserve every single one of those awards because your bloggy words and your cutie pie's daily picture are worth checking into frequently.

  6. Me, too, Karen. I think somebody has been stealing at least an hour from me every single day. No Christmas chaos should mean MORE time, but it so far has not meant that at all.

  7. Aww. Super warm fuzzies. I am so flattered at all the bling you send my way :-) I seriously think you were the first add to the blogroll. Once I figured the thing out, of course.

    I, in turn, look forward to the wit and humor found here - and the infectious Alexis smiles.

    And, no worries, I'm not going anywhere. The husband has the laptop. We can cuddle on the couch while I blog. :-)

  8. Congrats on your awards, just new to your blog but it looks like you deserve them