Tuesday, March 4

Mr. Husband's Photos on Display

Every time I complain about our sleep issues here, the following night is the epitome of Toddler sleep perfection. I should be exploiting that realization and whining endlessly about the nightly wandering and about how a certain someone is STILL ending up in my bed (I do not accept the blame for this issue HINT HINT HINT), but I got distracted. I finally had a chance to wine and dine Mr. Canon. Last night he made it all the way to first base with me. There's a chance that he may just score if he goes out with me again. During our deep conversations and special bonding, he asked me to download the photos that Mr. Husband had taken over the past few weeks. He said I would not regret it, and he was SO right.

Man -oh- man were there some interesting finds on that memory card. Some of those photos just plain screamed at me to share them as they are absolutely proof positive of superior camera abilities. Clearly, I have been wasting my time with that cheap jerk Mr. Sony. Mr. Canon may be snooty, but he is so right in thinking he's better than everybody else. So, here is the world through the eyes of Mr. Canon and Mr. Husband.

Tomorrow I'll probably resume my endless whining about sleep. Perhaps I'll even tell the tale of how last night I had to slide backwards on my butt to escape the Toddler's room in the middle of the night, while doing my best to avoid a stellar puddle of cat puke right outside her door. That wasn't even the most notable adventure of the night. Good times, good times.

(Can you tell I'm just trying to do that reverse jinx thing to our sleeping habits again?)

This one deserves to be shared because it's just such an Alexis moment. Curling up on the couch with a favorite book while sporting Dora pajamas? That's Alexis in a nutshell.

When Alexis isn't reading, she's very likely playing with one of her babies.

The diaper on the head phenomenon is a daily occurrence these days. We have a few hundred photos to prove it.

There were, by far, more photos of dogs and cats than there were of the Toddler. I love this one, and Mr. Canon obviously rocks because Jasmine is about as photogenic as a dirty mop. (Note to self: Consider suspending the habit of using her to scrub the kitchen floor. We do own a mop.)

Of course, there are a few dozen pictures of Meg. This was my favorite since she is clearly rolling her eyes at the never-ending flashes.

And then we hit gold. I cannot explain this. I cannot pretend to understand it. I just know that I found it and I SWEAR I didn't take it. Apparently? Mr. Husband thought this was a photo that needed to be taken.

As a bonus to anyone that actually made it this far, I have a little contest for you. I have TWO codes for 3 months of free Piknic.com premium access. If you are a fan of photo editing, or just want to give it a try because you can, leave a comment letting me know that you are interested. I'll randomly select two of you and bestow you with a little premium fun over in simple photo editing heaven. I'll pick the winners Friday night. BTW, you don't have to have a blog to win. Just don't leave an anonymous comment because, prior to popular belief, I am not psychic.


  1. hee hee hee- the baby doll butt picture is cracking me up! I also love the Leprechaun pic of Alexis!

    I'm so in on your giveaway - I would love to play around with that some more! I tinkered with the free stuff--but premium has so much more fun that I wanted in on!

  2. Okay, a few things. First of all, I may never be the same again after seeing that poor baby doll exposed in such a way to all the world. My poor eyes!

    Second, you've gotta email me the specs on that camera because I've about had it with my cheap crap (and just got it recently). I need some goals to dream about.

    Third, um, count me in! If anyone loves doctoring photos it would be me. Know why I never do it? I need help. Sounds like that's just the thing to get me started. Pick me! Pick me!

  3. Yep, quite the doll butt picture. :P BTW, I love your sidebar buttons--way cool.
    And count me in on the photo editing thing. That looks fun!

  4. LOL! I love all the pictures (well, except the baby one that is..I'm not a perv) the last one is especially great!!

    All she needs is a caption saying, "top o the mornin' to ya."

  5. Anonymous9:52 PM

    What great pictures (except of course the doll...my hubby would've done the same thing).

    You have a beautiful family...including the poochies.

  6. Oh, that is such a classic husband shot! Of course he took it.

    I love the diaper on the head shots. Cute, cute, cute!

  7. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Mr. Hubby needs to get over the dolls and Meg. The Claddagh Chick at the end? How cute can she be?!

  8. I love that photos! The butt one made me giggle, but my fav is the pull-up on the head. :o)

  9. Count me in !! And I think I will have bad dreams of naked porno dolls after that pic...MEN !! LOL

  10. I LOVED all these shots. But diapers on the head. Why didn't I think of that? I MUST get that shot tomorow! And I love her in Dora. Cute.

  11. Those were great! Loved the baby doll one!

  12. Those were great! Loved the baby doll one!

  13. That is hilarious!!! Busted!

    My husband takes pictures of himself all the time. I don't know what's up with that.

  14. OMG! That last pic and the naked plastic toosh is killing me here!!! :)

    So glad you and Mr Canon are hitting it off. Can't wait to see what happens when he gets to 2nd and 3rd base!

  15. Okay. Jasmine? Needs braces. And I'd like to win a prize. Prizes are good.

  16. Mr. Canon and I shall be commencing our love affair at the end of the month. I am all aflutter with excitement. You might even go so far as to say that I'm twitterpated about it.
    Oooh prizes are fun. Count me in.
    Love the diaper head. We had one of those for a while, too.

  17. In our house? (If we actually had baby dolls, that is.... surprisingly, we have more Hot Wheels than one house truly needs, but not even a single action figure. Huh.) Anyway... in our house? My oh-so-mature Coach would have not only taken that nekkid doll baby pic... he would have posed the silly thing that way.

    I know there's a reason I love him... I just can't always remember it. :)

  18. Alexis sounds just like Freddy, except he substitutes that diaper on the hat head for cars :)
    Love that picture of Jasmine!
    And I think Mr. Husband owes you an explanation about that naked baby doll :)
    P.S.-Count me in for that picnic code!

  19. OMG!! The doll. The butt. The vagina? Too much funny!

  20. Me, I can't wait to hear about sliding out of Alexis' room on your butt. That totally sounds like something I would do. I need to know what you did in case I ever need to replicate it!

  21. red pen mama6:19 AM

    love the pictures. I am curious about how the diaper on the head began. Also, priceless photo of that doll -- a little troubling, but then I was laughing, too, so clearly I have no room to scold.

    don't put me in the picnic raffle. I'm lucky when I can get the pics on the computer. I don't fuss with them much.

    love the leprechaun too!


  22. Love the pics! The diaper on the head ALMOST looks like a fashionable head wrap.

    As far as the prize? I'd give it a go if you I won. Never tried photo editing but would love to give it a go.

    Btw, the doll butt pic is classic male fun!!

    Hallie :)

  23. Your husband is perverse. Seek help immediately. : )

  24. Alexis is adorable!

    Love the plastic doll picture. My daughter has a doll house I used to find the people in all sorts of compromising positions! I blame it on the adults in the house!


  25. Anonymous8:54 AM

    I am DYING over the doll picture!! And Alexis with the diaper on her head?! KILLING ME!!

  26. First of all, it's just after 7 am and I am crying/laughing over the baby doll butt photo. That was AWESOME!

    Secondly, don't pick Karen! Pick me!!! I use (translation: am a little addicted to) Light Room, but I am always looking for new ways to play with my camera.

    And third, LOVE the diaper head shots...again. So cute!

  27. Uh...doll butt? Hmm....

    I am so jealous about the Canon! That is the camera I waaaant! So jealous. I am totally interested in the photo editing thing as a huge photo enthusiast.

    The photos on my website today were taken with a Digital Rebel from Canon that belongs to my office. I truly want one of my own that I don't have to feel guilty about using because it isn't mine. *sigh*

  28. I should say, Canon and I will be making out heavily should our rebate actually come to fruition in May or June. :-)

  29. i'm feeling like some lucky charms!!

    i would be interested in learing about photo editing - so put me down to be a random selection! (please!) :)

    oh i too have scooted out of a baby's room on my butt. but thankfully there was no cat puke in the way. so you win on that one!

  30. Seriously. What is up with the doll? A little disturbing. ;)
    All the rest are awesome. Love the photo editing for St. Patty's Day!

  31. The photo of Meg with that sideways glance is just priceless! She truly looks pissed off as all get out! Also, the photo of Alexis with the diaper headwear had me thinking Aunt Jemima for some reason. (I suddenly have a craving for pancakes!) I'd love to be a part of your contest, can I enter please??

    Have a great day!


  32. Oh, I'm lovin' the photos! They say so much! The doll . . . yeah, what's with that???

    St. Patty's pic is adorable!

    Oh, I'm thinking of trying your method--whining about sleep issues. I mean, I know it is our fault mostly, but I'd give anything for three straight hours or more of sleep in a row . . .

  33. so cute... I love the doll photo. hilarious!!!

  34. I ask myself, are you going to leave a post and condone pictures of babydolls with hold crotch out in public like that?

    Then I said, yes, because I'm also condoning more pictures of the adorablness that is Alexis.

    Please enter me in the contest as well!

    Seriously, those are awesome photos except for the hole-crotch-doll. That is awesome, yet disturbing, and I found it interesting but would never admit it to my friends.

  35. Oh Mr. Canon and your fabulous user,

    you're good.

  36. That doll crotch shot was awesome. Especially since your hubby found it photo-worthy.

    I think you should make one of those photo calendars on shutterfly and sent it to the in-laws . . . tell them that your husband took the photos. Include lots of Toddler photos, and then for December put the crotch shot.

    Man, I'm a sick woman.

  37. I was thinking that the pics that hubby did weren't bad... until I got to the doll! What's up, Mr. Husband?

    Good cameras make all the difference. We got a great one when I was pregnant, and I just love it so much. I take pictures all the time. If only I made time to upload them to the computer or actually print any out...

    Love the last shot! What a great St. P's Day pic!

    I'm in for the drawing. I'm always game for contests when I don't have to do anything!

  38. The photos are hysterical and so very....well, something a husband would take. Especailly that one.

    We don't have the greatest cameras, but photoshop does wonders for making it look like I do.

    Maybe the site would make it look even better?

  39. The day after Dora came for a "visit" our toddler announced he wanted a Dora shirt. When we told him we weren't going anywhere that day he disappeared for a few minutes. When he returned, he showed us his shirt in which he had taped a Dora card from a game. How's that for imagination?!

    Love those Dora pj's!

  40. Loved the baby's butt pic! So cute.

    I'm in on the contest...LOVE photo-editing!

  41. Went all numb when I read your comment on my post about "don't you want another one just like him?" Remember your sleep deprivation? Count me in...one more would just mean even less sleep and even more zombie-like moments that I'm not ready for. Nice thought though.....

  42. love the last one...so cute!

  43. Hey, thanks for the comment on the post with my cube pix; it appears we like a lot of the same people because I've noticed "you" in several comment pages! Heck, I'll be your cube decorator--all you need to do is slap up a bunch of these extremely-cute-child pix, throw in a few of the pets, and VOILA--you're done :)! So now we should be good friends because I saved you lots on a cube decorator :)!

  44. Love all the pictures! Okay, I've got to get rid of my cheap camera too. Mr. Visa? Look out! Put me in the draw!!!

  45. Love your pics! And I am so impressed with your husband. I give my Canon to mine and he looks like I just handed him a newborn, umm, what do I do with this?
    And PLEASE put me in your drawing!! This site seems really fab!

  46. The diaper hat happens here a lot too. Those are great pics!

  47. Do both dogs have an underbite? They're so cute! Oh yeah, so is the kid!

  48. LMAO @ the plastic pee hole picture! Seriously, I think I would have laughed my butt off had I found that random shot on my memory card. What a gem! ;)

  49. Oh, what a girl could do with a few months of photo editing...

  50. omgosh, that doll picture!!!!!! lol

  51. Hey girl! Don't need the photo editing thing, but thanks for the link. I always love seeing what kind of cool stuff people have available out there.

    Now, on to the important part of my blathering...
    I'm beginning to think that maybe Mr. Cannon is a distant relative of the... mmmm... tool that lives in hiding in my house. Sounds like he's giving you almost as much enjoyment! =8-O

    Mr. Husband better be careful, or he might just wake up with a dead memory card in the bed with him as a warning to move out and make way for the new love of your life!! LOL!

    Great pics. Love the one of the Toddler and the leprechaun, and the mop. And the doll butt?? Would love to have Mr. H's explanation of that one! LOL!

    See ya later, sweets. Don't work too hard.

  52. I am still laughing about that poor babydoll!!!!