Saturday, April 5

Very Important Things

You would think that the most important thing to happen today would have been the history lesson we gave the Toddler while trompin' around good ol' Kent State University. We drug her all around our old stomping ground showing her all the important sights. She saw the former bus services offices where Mr. Husband spent much of his time, the stadium where my loser freshman butt had to park, the hill by the Psychology building where I left half a leg after a roller blading incident gone very bad, even the May 4th memorial. Alas, that was not the most important event of the day.

That honor belongs to the two hours I spent trying to convince her that she lurves her some NKOTB.

I spent two hours this morning showing the kid some classic videos like You Got It (The Right Stuff) and Step by Step because if there is going to be a reunion and even a new album, by god I will be ready. (BTW, you are all so welcome for those links. Stop acting like you aren't going to go watch the videos a time or twenty.)

I tried to deny that I was even remotely interested in the reunion of Danny, Donnie, Jordan, Joe, and Jonathan, but that strategy wasn't quite working out for me. So, I'm adopting a new angle. If I can manage to brainwash the kid into bringing the NKOTB lurve, I can blame her when I have to buy the new album. It'll be all her fault when I end up with some of the classic tunes blaring out of the stereo. When the guy in the car next to me glares at me for being an idiot for blasting Hangin' Tough at top volume with the windows down and the sunroof up, I'll just glance at him with a look of agony and mutter, "Damn kids." It's going to work out just fine, just so long as I can get her to start screaming, "I want New Kids!"

I think I can do it.

In totally unrelated news, I bet at least a few people would like to know who won the contest. Well, well, well, let's start with the totally random from all entries winner. There were 48 total comments and the good ol' random number generator picked 46.

So, winner of second place is Leanne from Tired Mama. Leanne gets her choice of the following:

- A $15 iTunes gift card
- A $15 Starbucks gift card
- A kids' t-shirt custom embroidered by yours truly

As for our first place winner, that person had to figure out just what Alexis was singing in the video. After replaying it at least 17,904 times, asking Mr. Husband his opinion (I really don't know why I did that--I spend half of my waking hours translating Toddlerese for him), and finally confirming with Alexis what she was singing (I'm an idiot for not just asking her in the first place, btw), here's the feelings she sang, in order:


Now, I am willing to argue that 'Sad' is in there as well, but Alexis says it's not. So, I decided that if somebody got five right, I was counting them in. Here's who at least five feelings:

That Girl
Anglophile Football Fanatic

(I hope I didn't screw any of that up.)

So, 12 people got it. Random number generator picks:

(Drumroll, please)

Number 1--Kathryn! She gets her choice of:

- A $25 iTunes gift card
- A $25 Starbucks gift card
- 2 kids' custom embroidered t-shirts

Kathryn and Leann, email me and we'll get the ball rolling to get you your prizes.

As for the rest of you, don't despair. If you're really sad that you didn't win an embroidered t-shirt for your small fry, don't be. My Etsy shop is coming soon and will include some Burgh Baby T's (think "Made in Pittsburgh" and "Born in the Burgh," for example) as well as some more traditional appliqué/embroidery style shirts. Images and complete shop details to come.

Congrats to the winners!


  1. Anonymous9:58 PM

    You're gonna open a shop? You need to coordinate with Karen. Let her sew & you personalize. And, crap. One more place to spend all of the hubby's money.

  2. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Oh, and despite having friends that coulda appeared on Arsenio for having 7384 pictures of (insert NK), I NEVER liked them. You can keep 'em all to yourself.

  3. EEK! You're gonna open a shop on Etsy! I'm so excited for you - can you tell? I'll be waiting anxiously for it's arrival.

  4. ooh can't wait to see your shop!

    Also: I may have DVR'd NKOTB on the Today show and watched it. And got all giddy excited. But ssshh, don't tell! :) hehe

  5. You gotta be careful with letting her scream "I want New Kids!" People are going to think she's lobbying for a sibling . . .

  6. I was very intrigued when I heard that NKOTB was reuniting. I'll have to check it out, out of curiosity only of course!

  7. I am not ashamed to admit that I am super excited for the NKOTB reunion!
    I was disappointed on Friday when they didn't sing on the Today Show. However, they will be signing on May 16th!

  8. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Thank goodness I am not the only parent out there exposing their children to the radio GODS of my youth. I was devestated today when Cooper was completely uninterested in the Milli Vanilli song being played on the radio . . . lip synced or not, that stuff is darn catchy!

  9. Anonymous11:36 PM

    Oh gosh. So embarrassed to admit I was kind of interested too. And hey it was not lip synced people! Joey sang the real the right stuff....all by his little ole' cute self. Can you tell he was my favorite? Yeah, cuz he was.

    I can't convince my 17 month old to like them or ask for them though and his daddy probably wouldn't like it if I did.....
    -- Jonny's Mommy

  10. guess I've been living under a rock...or making very pathetic attempts to catch up on blog reading when all I seem to read are very prolific writers. stop that!
    anywhoo...would luuuuuvvv to see Jonathan again...those long eyelashes slayed me in middle school.
    I'm still debating whether or not singing NKOTB would be more or less embarassing than belting out the songs on Sandra Boynton's "Philadelphia Chicken's" cd. I get very pleased with myself if I can spit out most of "BusyBusyBusy".

  11. Jeez. Thanks for making all us other bloggers look like cheap-asses. You're a giver alright. :)

    Poor Loser Who Didn't Bother to Participate

  12. Oooohhhh...congrats to the winners! And congrats to you on your soon-to-open Etsy shop. How cool!!!

    As for NKOTB--my bf from hs was in lurve with them so much show that she STALKED them. Ended up in their hotel room--nothing happened!!! At least she swears it didn't. She was such a freak. I can't wait to tell her boys all about her adventures when they grow up!!! Hee hee hee . . .

    Oh, I was so bummed they didn't sing on The Today Show--not until May 16th.

  13. New Kids angle - way to go!

    Congrats to your winners!

    Your own store too?? Wow! You must not sleep! Oh wait- I know that you don't. Can't wait to see the goods when you get your store up and running.

  14. You are such an over achiever. You're going to custom embroider shirts?! This week I worked four days out of five and wondered how anyone with kids works full time and manages to do the essentials, like paying bills, buying groceries, doing laundry, etc. But you, you are opening your own store! I've had some shirts designed for 2 years now, but never had time to do anything with it! Good for you, seriously.

  15. shell9:29 AM

    I am also one of the very many NKOTB fans!!!! When they were on the today show on friday. I was so freaken pumped and hangen tough is my ring tone. SO I am used to those crazy looks.
    OH and I will be pumped when alexis starts singen there songs at daycare. just another thing we can relate too. Shes a great BFF!!!!!

  16. I canNOT believe that you just sent me to a New Kids video! That is SO WRONG. Shame on you.

    Yes, I'm 40, thankyouverymuch.

  17. new kids... *sigh*

    i was in love.

  18. Kids on the Block? I'm too old, but I CAN remember the younger generation swooing.

    But more IMPORTANTLY!!!

    I won! I won! We're doing a happy dance up here in the great wet north!

    I'd love a t-shirt, how big do you make them?

  19. Oh, I forgot to say....

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    I'm terribly excited and thrilled and grateful.

    Thank you.

  20. I LOVED NKOTB!!!!!

  21. Do you ever road trip it to the Grove City Outlets?? :-D

  22. Can't wait to see the 'Burgh shirts.

  23. If I find one with the little Latina, I'm lettin' you know first. :) Here's a normal one:
    But I'd never seen an orange one before.

  24. You are really opening an etsy store? That's awesome! I can't wait!

    As for the New Kids... I'm sorry that I cannot relate. They were never my thing. But we can still be friends. :-)

  25. Congrats on your upcoming etsy shop I can't wait to visit!

    Ok I really that much older than you? NKOTB?? I know my kids are 9 & 12 and yours is a toddler but sheesh - I had to check your profile! You did say you were a thirty something. I'm a 30 something too, but I was married by the time the New Kids were really popular. They were boys, Elvis was a man, I chose Elvis.
    When I was a teenager, the band to love was New Edition! You've got to cool it nooow! Oooh watch out!That's where Bobbi Brown got his break y'know; but he's pretty much a loser now. Congrats on your NKOTB lurve fest.

  26. YEAH!!!! Thank you!!! That is so awesome! I'll email you ASAP!!!

    As for New Kids, let's just say that a few people close to me thought I was naming my firstborn after Joey-Joe. I DID NOT! I promise! :)

  27. Awesome contest! I forgot to go back and twitter some hints!
    Good luck with the new kids--I am so rooting for you! I'll meet you at the concert when they reunite!
    Oh, and looking forward to the Etsy shop!

  28. NKOTB rock! They're still cute for a bunch of old men. (tehe) A bunch of us are going to see KEITH SWEAT, BELL BIV DEVOE and EN VOGUE in concert at the end of May - woot!