Friday, August 22


Alexis can FINALLY spell her name correctly. It has taken months, but with much perseverance, I have finally managed to convince her that there really truly is not a "B" in her name. Or two. Or three. I'm pretty sure that if we had let Alexis name herself, she would have been "Bubba," unless she managed to find a name with even more B's in it. Vanna doesn't sell B's, fortunately, so Alexis is going to have to suffer a lifetime without it. She'll get over it.

Now that Alexis can spell (and read) her first name, I've started working with her to know how to spell her last name. Now, we don't have anything odd like Philapovich or something icky like Butts. We have a pretty generic name. Let's just pretend for a moment that it's Jones. It's not, but it is something equally normal.

As Alexis and I were driving to the Farmer's Market today, we had this conversation:

Me: What's your name?
Alexis: A.L.E.X.I.S. Alexis!
Me: Alexis Jones
Alexis: No, I Alexis. A.L.E.X.I.S. Alexis.
Me: Actually, you are Alexis Jones.
Alexis: No I not.
Me:Yeah, you are. Alexis Jones.
Alexis: NOOOOO!
Me: You are Alexis Jones.
Alexis: No I not
Me: Why not?
Alexis: I no like it.

Boys of Pittsburgh, if my darling daughter approaches you seeking marriage just so she can ditch that horrible awful last name, I should let you know that Mr. Husband built bombs in the military. Think it through, peeps.


  1. kids are funny that way.

    roo-girl LOVES her name (her REAL name obviously). she thinks it sounds exotic. that makes me laugh. i think it makes her sound jewish.

  2. oh... and FIRST!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It took us forever to teach mark his whole name. He still isn't entirely convinced. We've called him Mark the shark for so long, he thought that was it.

  4. My son hates his last name too--he acts just like Alexis about it :0

  5. LOL! Too cute. I think I recall similar conversations. The best, for us, was when The Boy had to learn to spell his middle name, which is Benjamin. Ahh - fun times!

  6. Too funny.

    You know my last name and Charlotte can't say it, so when you ask her what her names is, she says "Charlotte MY QUEEN"

    Cute. For like five seconds.

  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again, that girl is going to be T.R.O.U.B.L.E.!

    My middle daughter has a name that starts with an E. We pronounce it with the "uh" sound. She came home last year and insisted that it was prounounced with the long E since that's how it's spelled. Since mommy never caught on and since she doesn't have a nickname she has decided the way I pronounce her name (and everyone else) is using her nickname. Works for me!

  8. Ask her if she digs "Alexis Lane," because I have three sons, yo!

  9. You know, you really should have consulted with her before saddling her wich such a name.

    But I have to agree with her. When I learned your last name I cringed. It's also that of the biggest butthole of a brother-in-law in the known world. (And I don't normally use such language.)

    Thanks for redeeming it for me though. Go Alexis Jones!

  10. So. BB used to pronounce our last name as HACHOO. As in a sneeze. He no longer does. And I am sad, sad, sad.

  11. ha, your last comment made me snort. A lot. As in, drink through my nose. lol

  12. Heh. Chances are she'll marry some Polish fellow with an impossible last name. Then she'll long for the days when her name was normal.

  13. Little Man wants me to reassure Alexis that he's got a perfectly normal last name that sounds fantastic with Alexis.

  14. ROFL Well, I bet she'll find a boy with a "B" in his last name! :)

  15. LOL. M, I love that kid.
    I think AlexBis is adorable.
    So she doesn't like your last name huh, did you tell her it's only temporary?
    Better start keeping an eye on those boys who have B's in their last names, huh? :-)
    Good luck with that. Sorry I've missed ya on Plurk the last few times.

  16. That is hilarious - when one of the girls [can't remember which] was small, they insisted that we should change our last name to Reagan, so we could be related to the President. "cause then we could ride his horses!"

  17. I love it when someone else experiences the same "problem" I have. Our Youngest Boy insisted that his first name had an "O" at the end (which it does not)!

    Good job teaching her these things at 2 1/2! (Of course, you're making me look bad...)

  18. Hee hee, she's so cute!

  19. Haha that's adorable. (And impressive that she can spell and read her name already!) Way to go, Alexis :) And honestly, who needs a last name anyway?!

  20. I no like it! That is adorable :)

  21. Anonymous9:27 PM

    I love that she can spell her name. What I love even more, however, is her determination to tell YOU what her name is.


  22. Oh, Alexis. Just be thankful you don't have the last name that I had to grow up with! Also, you're lucky because people probably won't ask you a bazillion times how to spell your last name.

  23. Bubba is a totally hawt name and i aspire to one day have a dog named Bubba.

    Oh - and as for Alexis? Maybe she's just the kind of girl who will be known by her first name ... like Hillary or Madonna.

  24. Aw, cute and smart!
    Kathryn could spell her name early on too. I set it to a song. It's amazing how fast kids learn when music is involved.

  25. @Amy--that's how I taught her! There is totally a A-L-E-X-I-S Alexis! song. It took her about two minutes to catch on.

  26. That's so cute. And that pic is super adorable. She's so pretty.

    When asked what her name is, my child was responding with her last name only. Let's say our last name is Bond (it's not at all Bond). We'd say, "That's right! It's Pumpkin Bond!" So now when you ask, she says, "Bond. Pumpkin Bond." That's right, like James Bond's adorable daughter.

  27. When I was trying to teach my daughter how to spell her name, I made it into a song, sung to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle. It worked like a charm.

    Now, we're trying to convince her that her middle name is NOT her last name. She is convinced that it's pretty cute!

  28. Too funny!

    J Girl thinks her last name is
    dot com! For real!

  29. Gavin and his little friends at school just now figured out that there's no "B" in his name, either. For the past 2 years he's been answering to the calls of "Gabin". And I suck because my kid can only tell you "G is for Gavin" and not really tell you any other letters. He does know his middle and last name, though. One because he gets in trouble all the time, and the other because there are two Gabins in his classroom.

    BTW, Alexis sounds nice with Rummel, which isn't too crazy like my maiden name was.