Sunday, September 14

A Post Without Power

I started a few hours ago writing a wondrous post about how the Toddler has successfully installed her Nagometer and has become an expert at using it, but then this Very Important Thing started (AKA the Steelers/Browns game), so the writing came to a great pause as I found my Booty Groove on the couch and stared at the big glowy thing in the living room.

Then the unthinkable happened: the power began to flicker. It seems that Ike is a Browns fan and he's bitter about those last few games. He is taking it out on us by sending us entirely too much wind, tossing some rain into the mix, and finally he managed to knock out our power for good. As I tried to convince the Toddler that she should stay in bed and keep on sleeping, despite the complete darkness and lack of lullaby music, I took a glance out her window. We live atop a very high hill and can see all of Pittsburgh from her room, and I'm thinking there aren't many people WITH power. In fact, the nearest lights appear to be well over four miles away.

Alas, I will not be driving to a location that DOES have power because it is certain to be too far. That means I am without Internet access, so I write this little update not knowing when it will actually post.

And I do it just to annoy those who hate that I post daily. Heh.

Oh, and Ike? BITE ME. Go Steelers!


  1. We are waaaaay too far inland for stupid hurricane winds to affect us. Ike can bite me, too.

  2. we're a little far to be affected by ike, but i'm thinking tina needs to take him back. perhaps it would improve his disposition...

  3. Anonymous8:34 AM

    We had rain all weekend and high winds Sunday night into Monday morning.

    Who hates that you post daily?!


  4. we are in dallas--we got a gentle rain and that was it. weird huh?

    As far as THAT game, I am so mad at the Browns coach....I did. not. like. that. game.

  5. Our electric came back on by game time. However, Mom & Dad on The Farm are still without power this morning.


  6. My hubs is going to the Cowboy game tonight. He might just explode from excitement.

    Just felt like I had to post something football related...


    My own personal idea of hell.

    I hope your power is back on!

  8. We've had several power outages at our house in the few months we've been here. I don't like it. I am VERY dependent on electricity.

    Hope all is back to normal at your house.

    P.S. Who doesn't like that you post everyday? I just get irritated with myself when I get behind!!

  9. anglophilefootballfanatic.com12:58 PM

    They WON! And, Ike is a three letter swear word around here these parts.

  10. I fell asleep during the last three minutes of the game and somehow managed to wake myself up for the last seconds. Shew! Close call.

    Go Steelers!

  11. I HAD to watch a no-hitter because of Ike, so some good came from Ike, maybe.

  12. This no power things sucks. 3:00 O'clock yesterday we lost power and it has been gone ever since but of course I get up to go to work and work has power no problem. Go figure....

  13. Does this mean your microwave doesn't work? I'm praying for you!

  14. Yea, what a mess. If I get a chance, I'm gonna write about my experience.

    There are people who don't like that you post daily? I love it! You are the loyal friend that I can always count on talking to every day!

  15. Oh my! I hope your power is back on now. Haha so funny that you said Ike can bite you...

  16. While I could do without the siren at all times of the night all the time, there are definite advantages to being dependent on the same transformer as the Fire Dept. We are the only area with power in our part of town. I feel bad for everybody who is looking at a minimum of 24 hours in the dark!

  17. Ha.

    We were watching the game when the power went off and commented on how many people would be pissed off for the power dying during the game.

    We JUST got power back this morning. Amen.

  18. Yeah, there are most certainly some cosmic forces at work against Steeler's fans being able to watch the Steelers.

    My husband got DirecTV's direct ticket, and when a game is shown on an affiliate channel, it isn't shown on the special direct ticket channels. Well, since moving to Louisiana, we've found that for some reason, affiliates don't like Louisiana, and after filling out waiver galore, we're given all our affiliates EXCEPT NBC, who feels we should be able to mount an antenna on our roof to get their channel, they're too lazy to approve our request, or anyone elses. 'Cept we're military, living in military housing here, and even if we wanted to, we can't install anything on our roof. No one can, not even professionals. Apparently NBC doesn't know or care, but we're appealing this whole 'blanket denial' thing.

    And in the meantime? The game? Yeah, it was on NBC.

    And there's one more sunday night football game scheduled for the Steelers on NBC this season.

    So what did we do? We watched it online. Not as good. Small feed, blinked out, and lagged about 10 seconds behind what was really happening. Not fun.

  19. Amazing that we here in Nashville got to watch the game for a change and you guys missed it. It wasn't an exciting game if that helps.