Friday, September 12

The Wrong Time for a Sandwich

It started out innocently enough. I meandered to the back of the store in search of the elusive bargain. I figured that by mid-September, back to school items should most certainly be on clearance. And, they were! I trolled the discounted markers, marked down paper, and bargain backpacks.

And then I saw them.

The lights.

Boxes and boxes and boxes of Christmas lights. On display. Right next to the backpacks.

My head spun round and round in disbelief. Then I saw them, just past the meager Halloween costume display.

The long aisle filled with Christmas cards.

Target has a Christmas sandwich on display. In September.


Reminder: we're donating all September ad revenue to the Flight 93 Memorial Fund. Perhaps this would be a good time to check out an old post or two? How about the one that proves I'm a freak about putting up Christmas stuff early. Anybody who does it before me? Is an EPIC FAIL. (I'm talking to you, Target.)


  1. anglophilefootballfanatic.com11:47 PM

    HAHAHAH Was there today & saw the same. Thought of you. But, didn't want to piss you off by sharing. It was School stuff next to Halloween & then Christmas. Like overly commercialized Chrismukkah RIGHT THERE.

    Oh, and FIRST.

  2. This is why my four-year old can't figure out the order of the holidays. Yeah, this is why...

    Love the pic in this post!

  3. oh I KNOW. I got an ad in the mail from Target the other for CHRISTMAS PORTRAITS? WHAT. Are you kidding me? I promptly threw it away. Too damn early for that crap.

  4. Jarrard7:59 AM

    So I have a friend of mine that puts up 14 Christmas trees and decorates his house like the freakin Biltmore.

    He has a Christmas village with eleventy million pieces that is GORGEOUS!

    Yeah - he started setting all of this up this morning. They will finish at the end of October.

    The kids that come to their door on Halloween are a bit confused about what they are there for. "Trick or Tr..........." ???

  5. You bad.
    I noticed that they had rows of Christmas stuff at Costco and only a small corner of Halloween too: must be the new marketing.

  6. Anonymous8:27 AM

    It's disgusting. Same thing when it's February and bathing suits start showing up. For real?!

  7. Ugh. I have to go to Target today too. I can't stand the rush of the seasons. Can they just let us enjoy the fall and start of school before they end the year with Christmas for pete's sake?!?!

  8. This drives me all sorts of crazy - the Christmas year-round bit the stores try to pull off.

    And yet I'm now forced into it myself. I'm behind getting the Christmas shirts out in the store and am thinking I may never sell any this late in the game. I hate what I've become.

  9. Makes me crazy, too. I love Halloween and it gets no respect, having to share the aisles with Christmas stuff.

    Cool picture!

  10. Anonymous11:23 AM

    I must admit that I was a little giddy when I went to Michael's on Thursday and found that they had already moved the Halloween gear to the back of the store so that they could start putting out the holiday stuff. Given the choice I would completely skip Christmas day, but I LOVE the holiday season and can't wait to decorate!

  11. I have been busy arguing with Ashlyn that Halloween is in fact still over a month away- good gravy if she sees Christmas stuff I'm done for!

  12. Anonymous11:30 AM

    You know, we don't have Thanksgiving in the UK (either because we're always thankful or we're miserable gits), but at least we have the common decency to at least wait till mid-October to put up the Christmas crap. Meh to Target.

  13. Stop the madness! It drives me crazy. And just try to find something like a nose plug at the end of the summer! All gone, it's just crazy!!!!

  14. Hubby insists on decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. There are still lights up on the front porch her never took down last year. If they still work, he'll save a little time...

  15. Several years ago we decided to not "do" Christmas. No tree. No decorations. No gifts. No cards. No nothing. And I have not missed it one bit. The Christmas that the Targets of the world advertise and commercialize are not Christmas or not what Christmas should be. And we aren't doing it anymore.

  16. This also drives me crazy! I don't want to see anything pertaining to Christmas or even think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. But it's always earlier and more commercialized every year. Grrrr.

    I do love lots of lights, though. At the right time of year. :-)

  17. WOW. Epic fail indeed!

  18. Nooooooo!!!!!! That's too soon for Christmas!!!!!!!!

  19. I saw hot cross buns and Easter Eggs on New Years Eve. The YEAR BEFORE the holiday.


    I saw Halloween stuff a couple of months back and we don't even celebrate it here.

  20. Does it count if you never took your decorations down??

    Oh, man. All I need is to take Monkey to Target and start fielding the "Is it Christmas yet?" "Is Santa coming today?" In the case of head implosion, my family is going to sue Target. I'm leaving it in the will.


  21. "We Wish you a Merry Christmas, we...."

    Okay, I'll stop now. We have a station here that started playing all Christmas music, all the time on Nov 2, last year. Unfortunately they get great ratings with it, so I wouldn't be surprised if they start in October this year. I certainly hope not, but the don't care about what I hope for, now do they?

  22. First of all, FABULOUS picture.

    And secondly, I love Christmas, but come ON! I need fall first!!

  23. I miss Target, its now 40 somethin' miles away :( :(

  24. yup, costco had the christmas stuff up this weekend too.

    BIG epic fail.

  25. I am NOT ready yet!!!!!! I wish they would let me enjoy a damn holiday.
    I tell ya.