Sunday, December 21

A Brief Interruption in Our Regularily Scheduled Plans

We have previously established that Mother Nature hates me, and never has that been so evident as today. Hello, blustery wind. Hello, can't really expect the husband to go up on the roof and fix the lights. Hello, not posting light photos until I take light photos which is just plain not happening when it's freakin' windier outside than it is walking behind the Bulldog after she's eaten a plate full of people food. It may not stink as bad outside, but dang is it chilly.

You will survive if you have to wait to see the epic disappointment that is our outdoor Christmas lights. Promise.

In the meantime, enjoy a little bit of Christmas Crazy from some fun peeps. I'm personally loving the Epic Toy Crazy over here (and say holla at her husband while you're there since he just came back from a year in Iraq) and the Epic Star Wars Nerd Crazy over here, but there isn't a bad link in the bunch. LOVE IT!

As you were.

(Can you tell I'm REALLY proud of myself for figuring out how to use Mr Linky?)

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