Tuesday, December 16

Christmas Crazy Strikes Again

It's that time of year again. Time for the chaos, insanity, and mayhem that can only mean one thing--The Daycare Christmas Show. Oh, yes. A room full of kids under four years of age, their parents, their grandparents, their neighbor's ex-wife's sister's hairdresser, and everyone else under the sun. A room full of kids who would normally be eating dinner, but instead are shepherded onto a tiny stage and forced to sing songs with lyrics not even I know.

Good times.

Last year? Was awful. AWFUL. The post about it does not even come close to doing it justice as the post traumatic stress disorder was just starting to seep into my veins. This year? One thing had changed. One major thing. The room? Was actually big enough to hold everyone. I must admit, it was very nice not to have my head shoved into somebody's dad's armpit and my leg wrapped around somebody's big sister as I tried to catch a glimpse of my kid.

In fact, this year's show was so lacking in awful that the only "event" of the evening was some grandma getting all huffy because the toddlers were running around in the back of the room towards the end of the hour-long presentation. As in, they were chasing each other back and forth and back and forth and the grandma felt the need to voice that it was exceptionally rude and inconsiderate. Except, she committed a major error in voicing her whining--she did it to the VERY pregnant mom of one of the toddlers.


Pregnant ladies will eat you alive if you bitch about their kids. It's a fact. I saw it with my very own eyes.

Other than that, though, this year's Christmas Show wasn't that bad. Although, having more space did NOTHING for improving the photos.

Oh, and don't forget to link to your photos or stories about Christmas gone crazy on December 20th. I'll be posting Mr. Linky a little bit early since Kellie is an awesome Aussie and is living in tomorrow while I live in today.


  1. Aww precious! What a great turn out and pictures too.

  2. Those pics turned out awesome!

    Hey I started something cool (I think)


    I still have a lot of work to do on it, like creating custom logos and a better design and a few other things, but for now I'd like to get it up and running and started... you can join and spread the word among your other burgh mom friends, bloggers and non bloggers alike!


  3. Craziness and Christmas go hand in hand.
    The pics are really cute :)

  4. Crazy or no, Christmas Alexis is cutie. :)

  5. Last years did sound like a nightmare and very similar to my daughters' preschool's Christmas jingles years ago. I related to trying to see through someone's armpit and around someone else.
    Glad this year was better! I am sure Alexis stole the show, she is so cute!

  6. Great pictures! We have our "annual" Christmas program for the kids daycare tomorrow night. Dreading it here. Last year it went on forever.

  7. Cute pics anyway. I really miss that age.

    Get your butt over to my blog and be creative.

    That's an order.


  8. I'm just going to say it and be the Worst Mom Ever. I cannot wait until all the Christmas plays, concerts and chorales are done. Or at least until Micah learns to sit through them without being terrified of the dark, the live band, the choir director wearing antlers...

  9. Alexis looked adorable! How do you score the good seats so that next year you can get a good picture?

  10. Oooh, our preschool show is today. You have made me afraid...very afraid.

    Also? I hope the pregnant lady laid grandma out flat. Or at least gave her a weird and terrible pinch.

  11. Jonathan doesn't yet do this and I have to say I am kind of looking forward to it. I know that by the third, fourth, fifth, 12th time I have to do it I'll be sick of it. But right now...I'm looking forward to it! I love the photos. She is such a stinkin' doll! I mean, just a doll...not stinkin'...ya' know what I meant!

  12. ahhhh burgh nostalgia.

    I miss home....

  13. why in the world would they have it an hour long! holy cow. how boring for everyone involved. once you see your own kid, personally i'm ready to leave. well it's over. and just wait until you get to do the kindergarten one!


  14. The very last photo is just beautiful!

  15. Anonymous7:57 PM

    I want to know what the pregnant mom said! Bet that was gooooood.

  16. What? no one vomited? It ain't a Christmas pageant unless someone barfs.

    Well in my world anyway...

  17. I can't wait for the Christmas Crazy post, dude. I want to see the hawtness.

    Plus I have some hawtness of my own to contribute ...

  18. Anonymous9:43 PM

    When I make a move next year to buy a new Camera, you are SO going to be my camera bitch. Deal?

  19. Even with the smallness of the shot, her beautiful face shines brighter than the rest.

    and, umm... Why don't we have pics of Mama Preggers munching on granny? Sheesh! Mr. Cannon needs to get on the ball! LOL!