Friday, December 12

Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus . . .

. . . and he wraps his gifts. Or the elves do. Or his wife (who we all know is the one really running the show since no man in the history of men has ever been able to keep an accurate list, successfully lead a group of short people, AND take a long road trip without getting lost). Point is, SOMEBODY wraps the gifts that Santa leaves for Christmas morning.

Exhibit A: The Internet says so. 345 people voted in the handy dandy little poll, with a commanding 74.75% of them indicating that Santa does indeed wrap. Sure, he may skip the really big and awkward stuff like bikes, but sometimes he goes so far as to wrap every item in a stocking. Like CarolineFB said, they make this stuff called "wrapping paper" and it's this fancy paper that you use to WRAP PRESENTS. *Ahem*

BTW, the "No" votes made a serious run at the end, jumping from as low as 22% this morning to 25.25% just before the poll closed. I'm thinking it's no coincidence that the people who were late to the party are the same ones who are all, "I'm too lazy to wrap." ;-)

I personally survived 30 years without having ANY idea that there were people who disagreed with me that Santa OF COURSE wraps (remember, it's a fact because the Internet said so). I was totally shocked to learn Mr. Husband was not aware of this fact (although, in retrospect I realized that I tend to wrap a lot of stuff for his Mom because it's not her favorite thing to do). I was even more shocked to learn just how strongly people seem to feel about this whole thing. If you don't believe me, read through the comments. Strong opinions, yo. Too bad 25% of you are wrong. *ducks to avoid all the gift bags they are throwing at me*

So, Santa will be wrapping gifts around here. He has already acquired very special paper for the occasion and is eagerly looking forward to having some really funky looking packages. You see, I LOVE to wrap. A lot. Each package is meticulously wrapped in perfect paper and topped with a perfect bow. Santa is a slob and won't be fussing with all that stuff. It'll be fun to change things up a bit.

Oh, and for the couple of people that tried to use movies as evidence that Santa does not wrap, I'm calling your bluff.

Exhibit B: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer has wrapped gifts flying all over the place (at 1:50 of that clip).

Exhibit C: Santa Claus is Coming to Town and at 3:40, Santa himself is holding a purdy gift with silver paper and a big silver bow.

Exhibit D: How the Grinch Stole Christmas watch the Grinch steal the tree then at 1:10, you'll see that those gifts are most definitely wrapped.

There is simply no arguing with facts found on the Internet. After all, Al Gore would never invent something full of lies.


  1. whatever... and I hate gift bags too! *L*

  2. I wrap batteries.

    But, I am insane.

  3. You mean there are people out there that DON'T wrap Every. Single. Gift. in the stocking? Isn't that the point of wrapping? Everything?

  4. Exhibit E: The Polar Express book
    Exhibit F: The Polar Express movie with Tom Hanks
    Exhibit G: Santa Claus: the World's Number One Toy Expert (book) (one of my favorite books about the guy - the illustrations are great and there's a two page spread showing Santa standing in front of an entire wall filled with wrapping paper and ribbons and tags)

  5. This year at our house, Santa is wrapping Mama & Dadda's gifts, but Evan's are in gift bags. We tried wrapping paper at his first birthday party in November, and he wasn't interested. He was, however, very thrilled by bags, tissue paper, and bags, and tissue paper. Not so much the presents, but what can ya do... :)

    But yes, Santa wraps :).

  6. He wraps everything here with his own special paper (otherwise I get all the 'why did santa use the same paper as you did for daddy's gift--woops!).

    No lies on the internet LOL :)

  7. So happy that goodness prevailed on this one! Of COURSE Santa wraps- the whole excitement on Christmas morning is ripping open all the paper! If all the work is already done, that would be boring.

  8. I've been known to wrap the batteries too.

    I am also insane.

    But not lazy.

    One year? My husband tried to tell me that we didn't have to put together Laura's little kitchen set ahead of time. She was two. No. We could just give it to her in the cardboard box and construct it later. As if.

    He put it together Christmas Eve 'cause you know how toddlers love to receive a box of parts, right?

  9. I knew you were on the "cool kids" side. It sounded just like the mom of the burgh baby to want to make Christmas more festive (like lights, decor, and upteen trees) - and I'm on your side, love. You got a serious number of votes. Way to trounce Mr Husband, yet again. Can you send some of that luck to my FFB team?

  10. You know, I was shocked by the amount of "Santa doesn't wrap" people, too. After reading yours, I did a blog/poll as well, since I attract a more barbaric readership. But the last time I checked, out of the 10 barbarians that took time out to stop burning villages, 90% said Santa wraps. And really, do you want to argue with them?

    I even asked some coworkers last night -- they all said Santa wraps -- and one said, "Who the hell are these people that say he doesn't?"

    Besides, obviously Santa does wrap ... in this day and age, you have to practice safe gift giving!

    OK OK, I'll go back to my cave now ...

  11. Wait, you have 345 readers?! Then, why don't you get more comments? Damn lurkers.

  12. Yup. Santa uses a different paper here, too! OF COURSE it's right. But...I do know families that say he doesn' I can just tell them that they're WRONG - and point them here. :D

  13. Ya for wrapping with pretty bows! I bought a ribbon shredder this year - it rules. This caused HB and I to have the wrap/no-wrap discussion. Apparently, his mom never wrapped very many of the presents whether from Santa or not. He is from NJ. That's all there is to say about that.

  14. I had never heard of not wrapping a Santa gift until I entered bloggieville. Santa has always wrapped here.

    This year since my little one is getting to be a smart cookie Santa will be wrapping in a whole different roll of paper for just her.

    I also wrap everything in the stocking...this is my first year of doing that and I'm not sure if it's a tradition I will keep up with...that's just to much work.

    So I guess I'm and overachieving lazy person!!:)

  15. Sorry, Burghbaby, you KNEW I wouldn't let this die without one more last gasp of breath that is the frustration of a mother giving up on correcting her wayward children:

    1. Jen - 345 votes? Me thinks some people mistakenly hit the button more than once in their overzealous efforts to be heard.

    2. Evidence refutal:

    Exhibit B: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Fastforward to 1:57 in the clip where you get a glimpse of the stuff that is ACTUALLY IN Santa's bag. NONE OF IT IS WRAPPED! So HA! If you are talking about the wrapped presents blowing around in the wind, they are the ones the elves were giving each other. DUH!

    Exhibit C: Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Fastforward to 1:46. Ummm.. Is there any wrapping on those presents young Santa is putting in his bag? I THINK NOT! The present he is giving to Mrs. Clause at 3:38 is wrapped, OF COURSE! It's not a KID TOY! The fact that the elves are loading wrapped gifts at 3:52 is simply a mistake on their part and Santa only allowed it that one time to keep from screwing Christmas up totally by having to make them unwrap everything. Yep. I know. He told me himself! (Yes, I'm that old!)

    Exhibit D: How the Grinch Stole Christmas - The reloading of the bag starts at 1:05 - hmmmm??? Is that UNWRAPPED windies I see marching into that sack? No wrapping on the choochoo train at 1:36. Neither is there wrapping on the candy at 1:47, nor the camera at 1:51. Yes, there are wrapped presents under the trees, but, ummm, if the aforementioned items were from the parents wouldn't THEY have been wrapped, too? Ergo, it only stands to reason that the UNWRAPPED items are from Santa! Hmmm and then when he brings it all back at 7:39 - LOOKIE THERE AT ALL THOSE UNWRAPPED GOODIES COMING OUT OF THAT BAG!

    So, mwaahaahaa... GOTCHA!

    HA HA!! HEE HEE!! and hearty HO HO HO!!

    The bottom line, however, is exactly what the Grinch finally learns at 5:33 (and restated by lil ol' me):

    Christmas isn't about the wrappings and bows, it's the love in the heart that with memories grows. (With sincere apologies to Dr. Seuss!)

    OH! And I found a FLICK FLUB - I've watched this movie a zillion times but this is the first time that I've ever noticed that the "roast beef" the Grinch is carving (shown at 7:55 here) has a You Know what? CHICKEN BUTT! ROFL!!!

    Merry Christmas and Happy (un)Wrapping to all!

  16. That's the wonderful thing about family traditions. You can have yours and I can have mine. So Santa wraps your presents but he doesn't wrap mine. And I don't even mind wrapping. Santa didn't wrap mine when I was little so he won't be wrapping my kid's either. Luckily the husband's family didn't wrap Santa presents either so we have no argument here.

  17. Oh, now see, I am NOT about the meticulous. Just getting the gifts covered. Slap some tape on those bad boys and call them wrapped. Use a Sharpie to label them. it's all good.

  18. While Santa does NOT wrap gifts ... I do NOT use gift bags. They're for pansies.

    That is all.

  19. I'm a loser...I thought Santa gifts weren't wrapped:P

  20. Hilarious... I'm an non-wrapper (aka loser) because that's the way it was always done when I was growing up (and in retrospect, my Mom was one of those people who couldn't be bothered). I've always wanted to switch (especially now that I've discovered I am WRONG), but don't know how to explain why Santa has never wrapped before...

  21. gah. i wanted to write a santa wraps rap, but i'm incapable of coherent commenting.

    better luck next time. i'm a loser.

  22. Now I KNOW you deleted my comment, because I didn't agree with you! But, I know my poll vote counted and I have to say I was surprised by how many voted yes. But, I don't care what the majority or the internet says. He'll never wrap gifts in my house as long as I am in charge. Mrs. Clause is the one willing to stay up late to make sure every item is displayed just right so there is your own little toystore when you get up in the morning. And for those of you who say what if the kid sneaks down, the rule in our house is you have to stay in bed till 6:00. Even if they are all in one room since 3:00 a.m. If you do sneak a peak (like I did as a kid) you are only hurting yourself. With 5 kids growing up unwrapping would take too long if everyone got a turn. If not then what's the fun if you can't watch them unwrap.

    Oh, one more plug, it's better for the environment. (and if you knew how NON-environmentally friendly I can be, you'll get that joke.)

    Thanks for the debate. It was fun.

  23. One more thing, Damama, it's Roast Beast, not Roast Beef. Otherwise, I support you 100%

  24. I don't know why I feel the need to clarify this. but I do. : )

    The boys get ONE big gift from Santa that is NOT wrapped. Everything else is. I love to wrap. Especially now that I have one of those handy dandy tape thingys that goes on your wrist. Why didn't I think of that?