Sunday, January 4

Alexis 2008 Performance Appraisal

Goal: Learn to run without wagging butt like a dog.
Performance: I think it's time that we just come to terms with the fact that Alexis is always going to run like a girlie girl. It just is, so she should go ahead and shake that booty.
2009 Goal: Shake that booty and then shake it some more.

Goal: Try consuming a bite or two of birthday cake.
Performance: Not good. Despite two opportunities to consume birthday cake, Alexis did not eat a single bite.
2009 Goal: Try to at least sit in the same room as the birthday cake without turning into a puddle of tears.

Goal: Grow some hair on top of her head.
Performance: Also not good. The mullet is alive and well, and it lives atop Alexis' head.
2009 Goal: Grow some hair on top of her head. (It can't hurt to keep trying.)

Goal: Try to convince parents to make a return trip to Walt Disney World for the purpose of meeting Mickey Mouse.
Performance: Recent attempts to con parents into going to see the castle and Mickey are beginning to wear on them. No success yet, but she is getting close.
2009 Goal: Keep trying. Rumor has it the mother-type figure has a conference in Orlando in the Spring that may work as a leveraging tool.

Goal: Resemble Mom just a tiny bit.
Performance: When that goal was set, the idea was for Alexis to display some blue eyes, or perhaps some long legs. It was NOT to take her hair but stay ALL Daddy other than that. Mission complete, but handled all wrong.
2009 Goal: Give up on looking like Mom and switch to having Daddy's hair.

Goal: Drop the kids off in the pool.
Performance: Alexis has demonstrated that she is completely capable of using the porcelain throne for its intended purpose. However, she is frequently "too busy" to actually do it. The kids are still being dropped in all the wrong places.
2009 Goal: Diaper-free by her birthday. Or else.

Goal: Stay in her own bed.
Performance: Epic. Fail. The number of times the kid has actually stayed in her own bed this year can be counted without even taking off a shoe.
2009 Goal: Stay in her own bed. Again. The parental units are currently making plans to create a cage over the bed (aka "tent") and are not above using multiple padlocks in order to ensure a good night's sleep. Or two.

Goal: Keep melting Mom's heart with just a glance
Performance: Mission complete.
2009 Goal: Keep on keeping on.

(Yes, Alexis, I know this is a few days late compared to last year's. You live with me, so I shouldn't even need to explain. Get used to the late thing. It is, in great part, your fault anyway.)


  1. When you go to Disney, watch out for Cindersmella.

    The Pinocchio PJ's are the best. Way cute. :)

  2. We're late for things too. All the time. Tell me, how do you remember the list from year to year? I can't even remember what I had for dinner tonight. Sigh.

  3. i dont think i was around for last year's version of this, so it was fun to contrast and compare.

    there is every possibility that i might have to take a bite out of those cheeks. (she won't miss it, i swear)

  4. I was just this minute talking to Boo about going to the pool.

    And now I am thinking about dropping them off at the pool.

    And I am giggling like the 7 year old boy that I am.

    Here's to a successful droppage of the kidlets to the swimming hole year...

  5. When you figure out the bed thing, please let me know. Toddler just ends up in bed with me. He sleeps great but something about feet in my back makes me think I'm pregnant again and that's a HUGE fail!

    That last picture of her is priceless! Too cute =)

  6. Let me know how that whole getting rid of the mullet thing works out for you. Anna has one too. And I think it's getting worse.

    I love the last picture.

  7. All in all a good year.
    This was a neat idea--I love the 'or else' about the potty--'or else...what?' ;)

  8. What a great year in review! That last pic is adorable!

  9. We're finally losing the mullet, although it took more than 2.5 years.

    And I'm desperate to get the kid to Disney but it's hard with an infant too. Blech.

  10. I'm loving me some little girl. And, of course, you post pictures of you up close JUST AFTER I was all over your old ones trying to find one. Hmm. Me thinks you are trying to see if I'm willing to pink flamingo the yard or send that stripping telegram man.

  11. @AnglophileFF--I told you all you had to do was ask. I had started searching for me photos anyway to do this post.

  12. and you called me hot? Shoot. look at yourself darling!

    Those pictures of Alexis, she is just too cute for anything. I love the year end performance review!

    Good luck with the potty thing ;-) We will be starting on that this year, too.

  13. @Leanne--BTW, I didn't remember. At all. I thought I did the review thing on her birthday and happened to realize that I did it on New Year's when I looked to see what I posted last New Year's.

  14. That is one of the cutest new years post ever!

    She is doing so good. I never realized how much she looks like the husband. Whoa....

  15. I think Alexis and Stella must have coordinated their resolutions, because they have a few missions in common, like the "drop kiddies in the pool" mission and the "sleep in own damn bed" mission.

    That's so that mom will be able to stick to some of her resolutions, like "get more sleep so I lay off the carbs and have the energy to get off my fat ass and exercise" thing.

    We are all part of the universe's design, right?

  16. all in all, NOT a bad year of progress really. I mean, progress seldom looks EXACTLY like we predict.

    and you know, she's sassy like her momma and really- that's what counts. :)

  17. I love seeing pictures of YOU!

    Anyway, how fun to look back and see how far (or not) she's come.

    Good luck on the no diaper thing. It's not going so well here.

  18. That first picture is so great!

    And... she cries in front of cake? I have a bone to pick with her on that one!

    Good luck with dropping the kids at the pool!

    Happy 2009 to Miss A!

  19. I loved this post! What a nice change from a typical "New Year's Resolution Blog". Your daughter is adorable and I do see a little of Mom in her (at least in the pictures)!

  20. Allie would never sleep in her toddler bed. EVER. But we upgraded to a twin bed, because she twists like a banshee in her sleep anyway, and she has slept there ever since. It was like the strangest sort of magic.

  21. I love the dropping the kids off one! lol, great!

  22. That was awesome! I love the last picture of her. Looks like she's up to something! I'm with you on the potty training thing by the 3rd b-day! I just wish my daughter was remotely interested in the potty!

  23. That Dora outfit with the maracas crack me right up!!!

  24. Yes, there is still room for growth in the hair department, but I'd say she's made great strides this year. It took Punkin's hear FOREVER to finally de-mulletize.

    But, unfortunately, I think you were wise to switch over to having her try to look like daddy. At least for the time being.

  25. Adorable child. The hair will come. As I understand it blond babies just have this... transparent hair that just takes forever to show up. It'll come, though!
    As far as the sleeping arrangements go, I really can't help. Ours each tried that a few times, but stopped as soon as they realized they I wasn't going to let them sleep with us and put them back in their own bed. I stayed there sitting by their bed for a while as they went back to sleep if they were afraid, but usually they were just trying to see if they could get in our bed.
    Good luck with the potty training. Everyone is saying that "it will happen when the child is ready". Whatever! I bet you can pinpoint when YOU ARE! ;-)

  26. Potty training! *shudder* I'm scared of potty training ... because I'm sure that my kid will be 3 and decidedly still in diapers. *sigh*

    PS - I KNOW you read all 101 of the things and I KNOW YOU LIKED THEM.

  27. Pictures are so cute! :) Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  28. @Amanda--That's exactly what we're doing this weekend. Twin bed complete with a Big Girls Stay in Their Own Damn Bed Party.

    That said, all I have to do is mention sleep/not staying in her bed here and she will do it. Every. single. time. She loves to make me look bad.

  29. This is fantastic. A girl has to have goals, right?

  30. Ah, its good to want things, isn't it? ;-)

  31. Not a bad year, Alexis. Good luck in 2009.

  32. What a fun way to sum up a year and keep a comparison for the next. Good luck with the goals. May this be the year that Cody teaches her to grow hair.

  33. I'm so glad you did this again this year! I was really hoping you would. And I love the pics. She is just so beautiful!

    It looks like a pretty good year for Alexis. I hope 2009's goals are all met and even exceeded!

    Now, my little one is leaving her bedroom and coming into our bed in the middle of the night. It's not a comfortable sleeping arrangement, but at least I don't get toddler helmet. ;-)

  34. These goals and performances are AWESOME!! Way to go on the melting mama's heart. Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!!!

    And sleep your own bed, darn it! ;)

  35. good gracious she's adorable. And got you wrapped, doesn't she?

    BTW, the Dora bug has hit my 2 year old. God help us!

  36. Absolutely love this. And went to read the 2007 one, since I didn't know you then. And want to hear something really, really crazy?

    The picture of Alexis with the garden hose about 3/4 of the way down? The Hawaiian dress she's wearing? That's my wedding dress. I'm not even freaking kidding you.

    So let me get this straight. Our kids are clones. And your kid used to have a dress identical to the one I wore at my Vegas wedding. Are you finding this as disturbing as I am? Were we somehow separated at birth? Maybe I'm not really French/Canadian. Or maybe you are... Tun tun tun... (that's my dramatic music sound effect)

  37. Glad I got some time to pop over...I loved when you did this last year. Very funny, and very sweet.

  38. These resolutions are so funny!!!