Wednesday, February 11

On This Day . . .

On this day . . . Gas was $1.99 per gallon. We all think it is a MASSIVE bargain because not long ago, it was $4 per gallon.

On this day . . . The Pens beat the best team in the league in a shootout. It was OUTSTANDING.

On this day . . . Alexis shocked me by asking to wear jeans and a t-shirt for the third day in a row. Could the dress/skirt obsession be coming to an end?

On this day . . . The nation was in the midst of a major economic crisis. It has reached the point where if someone has a healthy family and any job, they have no reason to complain.

On this day . . . An economic stimulus plan was passed. We can only hope it helps create new jobs and works to lessen the blow of this crisis.

On this day . . . It was unseasonably warm. Nearly 70 degrees, in fact. I would have liked to have spent the afternoon on a nice long walk, but Alexis said she had to go to the bathroom the minute we got to the park. The walk had to be abandoned.

On this day . . . A major storm rolled in. Buh-bye warm weather, and hello February. Can't say that I really wanted to see you again.

On this day . . . A woman who gave birth to octuplets was in the news. She was in the news partly because the octuplets put her at a total of 14 kids, but mostly because she seems to be a bit cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, if you know what I mean. I think it would be safe to predict that we'll be seeing her for a while, as her only means of income appears to be whoring out all her kids to the media.

On this day . . . Alexis' major concern at bedtime was that Cody would try to eat her computer. Actually, he seems to have lost the last of his puppy teeth, so he's not been eating the house as much lately.

On this day . . . Bruce Springsteen and Kelly Clarkson topped the charts. I think he might be old enough to be her grandpa.

On this day . . . We spent $2.50 on a jar of peanut butter, despite a nation-wide salmonella scare. We're totally living on the edge.

On this day . . . I adored Miss Alexis, and I look forward to comparing notes when she reads this in a few years.


  1. These lists are always so fun to look back on.

    And yeah, that storm . . . there's more still coming your way. I'm convinced the house is going to be blown away in the night at this point.

  2. I can't say that the stimulus did much good last year, but here's hoping that a second go-round will help.

  3. Oh My Gah could that picture be anymore precious?

  4. What a cool post. I might have to "copy" you and do something like this soon. It's a good record of what's going on in her world and world around her. And I'm sure she will appreciate you keeping such a record...

  5. I'm confused by the octuplet mom. She has a nanny, but she gets food stamps?! Is she paying her in food stamps?

    This will be fun to read in a few years!

  6. Anonymous9:17 AM

    And on this day, I was reminded of just why I enjoy reading your blog so much! Alexis will treasure this.

  7. What an awesome post! And so much fun to look back on in a few years time. :)

  8. Cutest picture evah!

  9. Love the picture. I think this post of list is a great idea, I may have to borrow it someday.

  10. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Around here, I can't even buy the peanut butter crackers that I virtually live on. I would take a case of the squirts to have them back in my life! :(

  11. I really like the list post idea. It should be a lot of fun to look back on.

    The picture is great. We have 2 dogs and my wife has been wanting a bulldog forever. She loves them. I said sorry we got a baby instead.

  12. I really, really, really want to kiss that dog.

  13. Aren't you bored with Meg YET? I really really want her.


  14. I am partial to ANY pooch smooch.

    That. was. ADORABLE.

  15. Was that a smelly Meg smoochie? How's Audrey feeling today? Is Carl still in her trunk?

  16. You forgot a few things.

    On this day, Meg still has the eyeball that makes her look like the demonic bully from the great abyss.

    On this day, there are people who look like bobbleheads with big ole heads on a tiny body and the reverse is also true. There are people with skinny heads on bloated bodies. Lots of them.

    On this day, Carl can suck it.

  17. On this day . . . Alexis shocked me by asking to wear jeans and a t-shirt for the third day in a row. Could the dress/skirt obsession be coming to an end?

    Only until spring, sister, only until spring. The obsession will never really go away. I can attest to this as my 8 year old thinks that if you wear tights or jeans under a dress that makes it ok for winter. Nevermind if the dress has sleeves, those are totally irrelevant.

  18. Bruce isn't that he?

    Oh, dear, maybe he is.

    That stuff about the mom with 14 kids...really sad for those children. And she didn't have plastic surgery she says? Yeah, stinkin' right!

    Those lips are so fake, it isn't even funny. No...really, it isn't funny at all.

  19. I am in LOVE with the idea behind this post and the way you wrote it. I think I might steal it soon...

  20. On this day you made me laugh.

    On this day you made me nod my head in agreement.

    On this day you made me laugh some more.

  21. I love this list. Do you do this every now and again, or was this the first time? What a great idea, especially since it's all for Alexis anyway, right?

    Can I try it sometime?