Sunday, March 15

Your Home Can Say a Lot about Your Relationship

Obviously, this wasn't the first time Alexis had been to Walt Disney World. It was, however, the first time she had been there with enough life experience in her back pocket to actually *care* that she was there. That alone made it an entirely different experience for Mr. Husband and I than all of the other times we had been there. We didn't ride the big rides, and instead found ourselves letting her take the lead on what she wanted to do. It was much more about absorbing her joy than it was creating our own. Of course, we found that to be WAY more fun.

Along with enjoying her glee, I found myself noticing things I hadn't noticed before. For example, I am now very convinced that Disney Imagineers in the 60's spent most of their working hours tripping on acid as they tried to dream up new ways to scare the kiddies. It's a Small World is pretty clear evidence of that.

There is another thing I REALLY can't believe I never noticed prior to last week. It stuck out like a sore thumb once I did, and had me cracking the hell up for hours. Imagineers have some crazy awesome senses of humor. For reals. Let me show you.

Here is Mickey's house, located at the Magic Kingdom:

Decent enough digs for a giant rat. Here's the inside.

Mickey's bedroom. Dude has more shoes than I do.

Mickey's Living Room, complete with evidence of his manhood--the football helmet on the couch, the dead fish hanging over the mantle, and the photos of his mousely adventures hanging on the wall.

Mickey's Man Room. Of course, he's winning the pinball game.

Mickey's Kitchen, which obviously hasn't been used in years. Mickey's such a bachelor.

Finally, Mickey's garage. It's too full of crap to actually hold a car, a concept I know WAY too much about myself.

And now, let's take a look at Minnie's house right next door. It's a bit smaller than Mickey's, which just proves that even in Disney's perfect world, woman make less money than men for doing identical jobs.

The first room you see when you go in Minnie's house is her living room. It is positively filled with photos, statues, and mementos of her relationship with Mickey. (BTW, Mickey doesn't have the same sort of crap. The rats are engaging in a very one-sided sort of infatuation.)

Next to Minnie's pitiful display of mouse-dependence, you walk into her studio. It's where Minnie toils away sewing quilts and painting beautious art.

After that you follow a short little hallway, walk past Minnie's desk, and land inside her kick-ass kitchen. Clearly, the mousette is the master of the cooking domain in her little relationship.

The last room in Minnie's house is her sunroom. It appears to be a very lovely place to sit and read a book.

See it? See what's not quite right? What's . . . missing?

Look through Minnie's house again.

Where the hell does Minnie sleep?

Obviously, Mickey is an ass and demands this his woman cook his dinner at her own place, but that she makes it to his house right next door to sleep. *ahem*

What a dirty rat.


  1. HAHA although I've been in both of these, never picked that little detail up. Doesn't Minnie also have that kick ass gazebo thing, too?

    p.s. I love how you can see Alexis's princess locks peekin into the one pic! haha.

  2. @Kell--Yeah, Minnie still has the gazebo (no bed there either, fwiw). She used to hang out in it for photos/autographs, but now she's all wimpy and has to be indoors with the air conditioning.

  3. LOL!

    I never noticed that either.

  4. Are you kidding, Minnie is suppose to be allowed to sleep. I thought all of us female were mini bots, that run on batteries and keep going and going serving the male population. *winks*. Looks like even Disney is males domain. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Didn't even notice that when I was there.
    I was too busy crying over how BEAUTIFUL IT WAS. OH! With the memories! and the DISNEY MAGIC!
    I'm a fool.
    Or a sucker.

  6. Why did I never notice that before?
    I love you even more for filling us in.

  7. I , too, have never noticed her lack of sleeping place. I have been there a multiple of times too!
    I do enjoy letting the kids lead the way and to see the magic through their eyes!

  8. Will never look at those two the same again.

  9. Wait a minute ... what woman would ever buy a house (or have her beau buy her a house) that couldn't contain her shoes? Isn't that the No. 1 priority?

  10. i want to thank you for bringing this horror to light.

    oh mickey, you nasty boy.

  11. Despite my forward thinking tendencies, I think I might be shocked and scandalized.

    He left his helmet on the sofa???

  12. LOL! I want to take my kids there soooooo bad!!

  13.! I wonder how many parents have had to answer that little gem? ha

  14. NO! Say it ain't so! Maybe there's a roped off upstairs suite that's not for public viewing? Kinda like at the White House? Come on, toss me a bone here! I just can't believe that Minnie's that kind of rat...

  15. LOVE IT.
    This may be my favorite Disney post yet! Love it!!!

  16. Thanks for ruining a childhood icon. I'll never think of the giant mouse in the same light again.

  17. HAHA!! Oh, to see it through adult eyes. I noticed it right away when you said "Last room" and then showed the sun room. Huh...who knew Mickey was such an ass?

  18. Can't believe Minnie is bedless. Poor thing! We're going down there next spring and I can't wait! It's so much fun!

  19. You would really like "Mickey Mouse Monopoly". It's a documentary about how Disney discriminates on gender, race, and class and how they put these ideas into childrens heads through their movies and stuff. This post totally reminded me of it!

  20. It must be the south because here in Cali, Minnie has a bed. And its a single.

    Wait, would you count this as a bed?

  21. Oh, the blatant sexism hurts my feminist heart! Disney, Disney, Disney. Please update the Mouses' Houses!

  22. Maybe she has a Murphy bed? My mom has a sewing machine that is hidden in a cabinet - maybe her bed hides in her sewing machine :-)

  23. OMG - that's HYSTERICAL!!!

  24. lol!!

    btw I am soo jealous. I have never been to Disney!!

  25. Er, ah, maybe it's not that she must sleep with Mickey, maybe it's that a woman's work is never done...and therefore, she never ever gets to rest and sleep.

    Either way, the Grand Rat ain't so big that I couldn't kick his ass. Give Minnie some judo lessons and let her at 'em.

  26. Seriously?! That is just so WRONG!

  27. My kid is now into Mickey's funhouse. He likes Mickey. Every time he sees a Mickey silhouette, he bellows, "mee mou." Anyway, so I was watching Mickey's Funhouse and I totally had one of those jolts of "wtf was I watching as a kid" when I looked at it. Minnie sucks! She's such an airhead! And don't even get me started on Daisy. She sucks, too. Talk about pathetic female rolemodels. Anyway, glad I got that off my chest.