Sunday, April 19

Shutting Up. Really.

I think the universe is trying to tell me to just shut my trap already. It certainly keeps grabbing my feet and shoving them in my mouth. They taste . . . salty.

Remember the great Jesus-approved bicycle debacle of Easter '09? Yeah, that. That lovely incident of me putting my foot down and winning? Has taken an interesting twist. We innocently strolled into Target yesterday to grab a few necessities. We walked out with a freakin' Disney Princess bike.


It's really hard for me to put up a fight when something is a good deal. The bike that Alexis badly wanted, the one that was never even being considered because it was $15 more than the not-princessified version, was on clearance. For a LOT less than any other little 12 inch bike. I can't say no when the universe (and Target) clearly want me to say yes.

So, Alexis got a bike. Not for Easter, mind you, she got a bike for no reason at all (other than the fact that it was on clearance). Aggle flaggle klabbable.

Oh, but there is more.

For months now, Alexis has been nagging me to let her go swim. Every single day she tries to convince me that it is warm enough to put an inflatable pool out in the yard, and every single day I tell her she is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. She follows up by asking to go to The Beach, and I retort that The Beach doesn't have water in it yet.

I actually did know that for a fact--I have driven near enough to The Beach recently to have seen with my own eyes that it was still closed up for the winter. So, when Alexis was insistent that we ride bikes along the trail that borders The Beach, we were cool with it. We didn't even grab an extra set of clothes for the kid, because there was no way she was going to be going swimming.


I'll just shut up now.


  1. lol. Little girls (and sometimes boys) have a sixth sense about water. Always, always, always believe them when they say that they will be swimming. Because one way or another, they're gonna.

  2. He he he

    Happens to me all the damn time.

    Like when I said that McDonalds was closed and Boo googled it and SHOWED me that our Macca's is 24 hours. Meaning 'open all the time mummy!'

  3. Actually hurting from laughing so damn hard.
    This is what happens when we get all 'knowy' and stuff.
    The kids, they and the universe punk us. hard.

    but then one day, we will be grandparents and then, oh then it is payback ;-) grin with me, won't you.

  4. Much as I'd love to point my finger and laugh, I will shut up instead. That kind of karma does not need to hunt me down.

  5. That gave me a great morning giggle. Thank you! Karma is on Alexis's side, me thinks.

  6. You have no idea how happy I am to learn that I am not the only mom on the planet right now who is giving in to the power of Target (and most other shopping establishments at this point.) I cannot seem to say no - especially when a deal is involved! And even more so when my children can site very logical reasons why we need to bring XYZ item home.

    And Mumple is SO right about water and a sixth sense!


  8. Gosh darn she's good. Now I wanna see a pic of her on that bike...

  9. I am just so in love with this picture!

  10. Love that part of the North Shore. I can't wait to take Deacon there.

  11. Ouch! is something I learned to say often when I was trumped by my own kid. In your defense the bike wasn't bought for Easter, and who knew that the water would be warm enough in April. (Hugs)Indigo

  12. Never say never, huh! Cute pic!

  13. Hilarious. Never do you eat your own words more than after you've given birth.

    What a sweet view behind her. What is "the beach." I don't think that existed when I lived there (100 years ago).

  14. Wasn't the water cold?! And now, a totally unrelated question... Is there somewhere you can rent a bike and kid thingie?

  15. Haha! Doesn't that always happen? hehe
    Seriously though. I think she was meant to have that bike. It was kismet. :)

  16. That is just an awesome, awesome picture. I seriously want your camera.

  17. I don't get it. You still won . . . I mean, you bought it on your terms (at least, I'm thinking you could totally get yourself to believe that if you really, really tried).

    As for the "beach"--err . . . JR and I just came in from the rain (when I told him a dozen times it was too wet to go out and play).

    Slap me funky w/ a sucker sticker . . .

  18. LOVE the fact that you gave her the bike. I would have too.
    Don't you just hate the parents that "put it away" for next Christmas.

    Re: The beach.
    My kids were always bugging me to see the ocean. So I took them to Lake Erie and told them it was the ocean.
    Hey, it worked. You can't see the other side. It has sand. It has big waves.
    We went to the "Ocean" every year.
    One year I let my son bring a friend.
    Big mistake.
    Damn kid. He told them the truth.

  19. The important thing is that you bought the bike on clearance! Consider it a late B-Day present for her ;-) My daughter is obsessed with water. Loves it. It won't be much longer for us and we'll be chillin' in the kiddie pool!

  20. Haha! Well, hey, you did get the bike on clearance!
    Oh she is just darling!

  21. Umm ... I totally buy toys for no reason. Often. But they're for me to play with more than Sumo. At least I'm honest.

  22. I love that "ha ha" Look on her face, so happy she got to "swim".

  23. Darn smart kids and their connections with the universe! Jeesh. Not only did she get the bike she wanted but she used it to against you to go swim LOL. Very smart of her.

    I understand about the bike. You just can't pass up a deal. I haven't gotten Lil C another bike yet. She didn't love the first one.