Sunday, May 3

The Big Box Stores are Trying to Get Me in Trouble

I had a plan. It was a good one, too. I had a very good plan for Mother's Day this year. I'm not entirely sure how it has become my job to procure Mother's Day gifts for Mr. Husband's moms (yes, plural), but it is, and this year I had it all figured out good and early. Unfortunately, a plan isn't quite the same as actually following through and taking care of those little gifts, and now I'm screwed.

I waited too long and now need to revert to Plan B.

Since both moms live a little far away, I kind of have to get my ass in gear like RIGHT NOW. Whatever is acquired will need to be shipped no later than Wednesday. I figured I would start the games with a little internet searching, with the idea that if I can find something online, I can just get it shipped straight to the lovely women who very much so deserve something spectacular.

So, I searched And found this.

In case you can't read THAT FREAKIN APRON, it says, "I can only please one person each day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow doesn't look good either."

Gee, thanks, Target. Way to give me a brilliant idea, if my mission is to have my mother-in-laws never speak to me again.

The rest of the search results I came up with on Target's site were your stereotypical boring gift baskets, paperweights, and crappy jewelry, so I figured I would check I found this:

Um, that's a book. A book that is entitled, "The Mother's Day Murder." I'm pretty sure it accurately describes what would happen if I were to give anybody that apron from Target.

I think I'll go back to my homemade gift plan. It's just going to have to get there late.

Psst . . . if anybody *ahem*MrHusband*ahem* is trying to figure out what to get me for Mother's Day, may I suggest a lovely hanging basket from you-know-where? Or, how about some fun stuff to go with Mr. Canon? Me likey this little lens, and HOOOBOY would I love you for buying me a super fun external flash. If you want to make me be practical then you should go with the replacement thingy I need, or the filters that I've been complaining about (even just the one UV Filter). If you really love me, though, you'll buy me a Spork and a fisheye lens. Spork + fisheye lens = true love. ;-)


  1. The best mothers day gift ever: Sleeping till noon. Without one single sound in the house. Not one "shhhh, don't wake mommy, oh, sorry but we can't find ............"
    It's YOUR mothers day also. No more stressing to please everyone else.

  2. Actually, I would so wear that apron. But it might not be a good idea to give it to MIL. Late is better. I forgot I need to get presents! AGH! My son is having a birthday in 2 DAYS and my mother is having mother's day in 6! See ya! Gotta go shopping soon.

  3. Every year for Mothers Day I perm, cut, and style my MIL hair. I used to be a hair dresser way back when, but I didn't enjoy it so I stopped. It seems that I'm always doing my in-laws hair though...hmmm I wonder if they know I quit? ;o)

  4. This year (for the first time ever) I pre-bought my gifts. Photo books featuring photos of their grandkids. I feel like a rockstar.

    I have no plans for Father's Day. I'll most likely forget about that until the day of.

  5. Blah. I haven't even considered what I'm doing for either mom for MD. Crap.

  6. You can get a free 8x10 at walgreens on Wednesday...

  7. Seriously? That book? OMG!

    I'm a slacker in the Mom's day dept. too but luckily my MIL doesn't put too much stock in it. Meaning she really doesn't care...

    Love your hints to the hubs. I've been throwing them out too. We'll see how it goes! : )

  8. I love that apron and would wear it all the time.

    I just asked a coworker when Mother's Day is. CRAP! It's soon! Luckily, we pretty much just get cards for people.

  9. I ordered my own MD present this year. How unromantic am I? But I figured I might as well get what I want.

    As for my mother? I've yet to get her something. Although, since she freaked out on me last week and went completely psycho, I'm thinking maybe a bottle of prozac would be a good present?

  10. It is Tuesday, and the only thing I did for my mom so far is to write a blog post (to be posted on Mother's Day). Also, it's my anniversary on Mother's Day, and I didn't even get him a card yet. GAH!