Friday, July 31

Paybacks are Just Not Fair

Picture a girlie girl. Now picture the opposite. That's me. I am not a girlie girl. At all. Pink is pukey. Ruffles are ridiculous. Dresses are for dorks.

It's no surprise that Karma, in her bitchy wisdom, gave me a Girlie Girl Extraordinaire. Alexis loves pink, she embraces ruffles, and I couldn't get her to give up dresses if I paid her a $1 million.

So, it's probably to be expected that Alexis and I do not see eye-to-eye on some things. For example, we do not see eye-to-eye when it comes to play costumes. Normally, I try not to impose my personal preferences and just let her get what she wants, as long as whatever it is happens to be cheap. If it's not cheap, though, all bets are off. I reserve the right of refusal. Period.

That is why I didn't let her get the High School Musical cheerleader outfit she found at Big Lots. $18 for fug and gross is $18 too much. Period.

She didn't like me very much that day.

When we later went to Target and I wouldn't let her get the $16 cheerleader costume they had there, she liked me even less. In fact, she threw a hissy fit of never-before-seen proportions and didn't speak to me for three hours after we returned home. Somehow during the hissy fit, Mr. Husband told her she could go back to Target and get it, but not for five more days. She had to wait until Friday.

Guess who asked everyone what day it was every. single. day? Until Friday, when she added, "Daddy said I could get cheerleader outfit today!"


Well played, Karma. Well played.


  1. I'm the same - not a girly girl at all. And it's a running joke in our house how I birthed a child who owns not one but five princess dresses.

    Thank God she hasn't seen HSM yet.

    I think my life would be over.

  2. OMw imagine her expensive tastes when she gets older :)

  3. Karma played that card with me as well. It has a rather cruel sense of humor.

  4. I'm just like you. A tomboy in every sense of the word. My favorite outfit is a rock t-shirt, ripped jeans and converse. My daughter? Let's just say this is what you may be in for.

    A few years ago when she was still in High School. I had to go away for the day and asked her to water my vegetable garden. It wasn't a small patch by any means. When I came home my daughter was indeed watering the garden...wait for her 3inch high heel shoes.

    Uh yeah, I got one of those Karma smackdowns too! (Hugs)Indigo

  5. That's why we get along so well. Now, that said, I was forced to wear dresses as a child... but I hung upside down from the monkey bars while wearing said dresses. I'd do it today if I thought I wouldn't break my neck climbing up there!

    She does look cute though... ;)

  6. From the mother of three daughters: The girlie girl stage sometimes passes. Hold up hope. (Also? Alexis is darling. Can't help but think it.)

  7. Oh heck. I am now terrified for Little C to get older. Great.

    And as much as I entirely agree with you on the pink, and basically everything else? Geez does A look super happy in her little cheerleader costume... *sigh*

  8. oh, honey, you and i are leading the same life, just 12 years apart.

    i see some interesting times in your future...

  9. tehamy12:39 PM

    She's adorable in the costume, but this is the exact reason why I'm glad I had a boy.

  10. 1) I totally think I'm going to have at least 1 girlie girl and I'm so not.
    2) My husband would be in SO! MUCH! TROUBLE! for contradicting me. We work hard to present a united front and the one time he got off script was one of the few arguments we've had. Never let the children see weakness in leadership.
    3) Wow - I have to say that is an awful cheerleading outfit (of course Alexis is always cute so she can work it)
    4) Not another word about the Dora bed residing in my oldest's room at the moment. Heh.

  11. That would be like my children become popular and athletic. I wouldn't know what to do with them!

    "Com'on. Don't you want to just stay home and blog with mama..." haha!

    In any case, that is one very cute little girl!

  12. Rachel5:30 PM

    If it's any consolation, I TOTALLY loved ruffles and pink when I was her age, and now, H.A.T.E. them both, with a passion. I'd recommend allowing her to wear it all the time, maybe even forcing her and then, eventually, she'll develop a deep-seeded hate for both...

  13. bwahahahahahahahaha!

    From: The Former Cheerleader (high school AND college)

  14. Pink or not, she looks darn cute in it!

  15. But at least she likes sports. Hubby got 3 girls and even the tomboy wants nothing to do with watching sports with him. Believe me, I'm all for one of them watching it with him so I don't have to.

    She is determined, isn't she.

  16. Yeah. It's a running not-so-funny joke that my sis & I are raising each others kids. Mine is totally like her extra girlie, Miss Priss and hers...isn't. Heh.

  17. That's why everyone has two parents - the other one is for a second opinion.

  18. That's when the guy who came up with that brilliant idea would be the one to hear it--and I mean in double spades from me, too--every time I got asked. AND he'd be the one dragging a* to Target to get it, too.

    Believe me, one week of that, and my Sweetie NEVER EVER pulled that Karma trick again.

  19. Your man needs a beatdown.

    My husband does that same thing. I say "no more to drink before bed" (because guess who is the one who has to change pee-soaked sheets at 3:00 am?) and the next thing I know, I see the kid with a sippy cup. What gives?

  20. gah. I'm with you on the non-girliness (though I have a boy so no big deal there) and being the bad guy. I have no problem saying no and don't even feel bad about it. everyone thinks I'm a joyless bitch. (I'm actually just kinda broke.)

  21. Yeah, I'm going to have to back you up on that one. That is one fugly outfit.

    And yet Alexis, with that sweet face of hers, totally makes it look like we should all run out and get one.

    Give me an A!

  22. Maybe it's my computer. Maybe it's a bruise. Maybe it's just some random smudge.

    But the tattoo-looking thing on her right shin? Totally makes the cheerleader thing work on a different level! :)

  23. Sometimes I am very grateful to have a little boy.
    Going into a store with a kid decked out in a bright yellow hardhat, electric orange crocs, AND a batman cape (from his PJs) isn’t so bad.
    That outfit? Is A.W.E.F.U.L!

  24. Sports Mama beat me to it - I was going to say that on the bright side, at least she's rocking that tattoo on her right shin. :)

  25. We Dad's are good like that!