Wednesday, August 12

Grateful for the Little Things

Is there anything better than . . .

. . . Cruising down the road with the roof open, music blaring, and singing at the top of your lungs in unison with your kid?

. . . Arriving home from work and unexpectedly discovering that there are REAL stairs and a REAL sidewalk in your front yard, and that the Stairs of Doom can officially be disassembled?

. . . Standing in the paper goods aisle in Target and realizing that since you now have a pantry, you can FINALLY buy 12-packs of paper towels, meaning you won't have to buy paper towels again for a whole week? Maybe even two!

. . . Thinking about how you miss hockey but then realizing football is just around the corner? FOOTBALL!

. . . Listening to your kid have a one-sided conversation using her Little Mermaid phone, realizing that she's "talking" to Daddy, and that she keeps repeating herself over and over, just like you do when you know he's not really listening?

. . . Finding a pair of jeans you haven't worn forever, trying them on, and realizing that they are too big?

. . . Stepping outside early in the morning and watching as your kid pauses, looks around, and says, "It's really froggy out today?"

. . . Looking in your kitchen cabinet and deciding that you don't really need those sippy cups anymore? "Real" cups RULE!

As Alexis would say, "I don't fink so." That's about as good as it gets.


  1. wojak1723@yahoo.com11:46 PM

    Love 'em all.

  2. Absolutely wonderful. And I love the photo!

  3. Ha.

    I love the picture. Too cute.

  4. If you need somewhere to donate those sippies, we're up. Seriously. Living in Sippy Land here, and just tossed two from the curdled milk syndrome. UGH.

  5. Yay you for getting rid of the sippy cups! In a brand new house, yet! You are courageous. I have worked for people who made their 7 year olds drink from sippy cups so they wouldn't "make a mess".

  6. This is such a happy feel good post. Thanks for making me smile and feel light hearted! What an awesome day!

  7. that girl is simply gorgeous. the camera is clearly her friend.

    your list? tremendous!

  8. Did they steal the steps too or were they just too lazy to ever put real ones in?

    Sounds like a great list of reasons to smile today!

  9. oh, I'll be glad when we're sippy free! THose do sound like the lovely little joys of life.

  10. @Jen--If anyone, and I mean anyone, is caught with liquids in a carpeted area, I will have their hide. All food and beverages must stay on the wood floor. I can clean anything up there.

    @Michelle--The builder is notorious for slapping some concrete slabs together and calling it a "sidewalk." Ours was extra bad because of settling, weeds growing under and between the blocks, and the fact that they weren't originally assembled to code. I guess the people who lost the house to foreclosure never cared about whether people lived or died going in and out of the house. (Seriously, it was that bad. The first step was about a 18 inch drop.)

  11. Anonymous9:51 AM

    It is the little things... and the little people...


  12. Aw! Real cups sound SO blissful. I'm so sick of stupid sippy cups, but Alex is still of the age where he dumps practically the entire cup of whatever on himself every time he takes a sip.

    And way to go with the jeans too big! And, well, everything else on that list is pretty awesome too :)

  13. We just got rid of all of our sippy cups too and it was an AWESOME feeling! Right on par with tossing out all the pullups.

    And have I told you how much I miss having a sunroof? Sigh.

  14. Why isn't my day filled with that much awesome? Oh wait - that's because I look at clothes and laugh because they won't fit again for a very, very long time.

    PS - my kid says "froggy," too.

  15. Keep one sippy cup for bedside water. Laura has the same nightie! :-)

  16. loved this!

    escpecially the peace of knowing my husband isn't the only man necessary of repeating to.

  17. Anonymous3:09 PM

    You forgot walking right past the Huggies at Target and admiring instead the 7-pack of princess panties. (Okay, so that might have been my awesome, but I know you know how good it feels!)

  18. Awww! I am glad you're having such a awesome day! We are stoked at my house about football on tonight... we might even root for your Steelers. ;) (Seriously, who decided the Cardinal was an intimidating football mascot?)

  19. "I don't fink so" either.

    Sounds like a wonderful day/time/life.

  20. Preseason starts TONIGHT.... WooHOO!!!

    Honestly, at my house there is nothing like some good pre-season NFL to get us ready for the viciousness that is High School football! :) (Our first game is next Friday!! And how freakin' fantastic is it that I can say we play on FRIDAYS now??)

  21. Your jeans are too big? So jealous...

    Enjoyed reading your list otherwise! ; )