Sunday, August 2

When Milkshakes Grow Wings and Fly

I like to think I'm not completely stupid, but then sometimes I am.

I blame the paint fumes.

Alexis' partner in chaos and his mom were fantabulous enough to come over to the house yesterday and help with a little painty painty. Except, nothing here is "litle," so it took a solid four hours for us to get a coat of paint all through the family room and kitchen (yeah, I didn't even make it a week before that green paint disaster made me start wanting to spork somebody). We called it a day after all that paint huffing and ran out to grab something for dinner.

We didn't even make it out of the neighborhood before the kids fell asleep in the cars. That should have been enough for me to know it was time to abort all plans, but I was so hungry that I was starting to eye Alexis' third chin and consider how it would taste grilled. French fries are probably a better alternative to kid chin, so I figured I would just carry the little heifer inside, eat, and get hers to go.

Except, the paint fumes killed a few brain cells and I decided I absolutely, positively had to wipe the smudge of something off the sleeping kid's face. Picking her up would not have woken her up, but scrubbing her face with a cold, wet wipe sure did. And WOW was she happy about it.


I don't think Little Lion's Mom noticed just how wretchedly rude Alexis was behaving since she had committed the same fatal error (Note to us: DO NOT WAKE A SLEEPING KID--not even for french fries and milkshakes.). Let's just say that when the server delivered Alexis' milkshake without a lid, I should have known to immediately fuss. I should have demanded a lid, and I should NOT have let Alexis get her grubby paws on that milkshake. I so definitely know better.

The good news was that Alexis throws like a girl. The floor certainly looked better covered in milkshake than I would have. The bad news was that it was hard to be mad when 1.) It should have had a lid and 2.) SOME people just had to go and laugh.

Fine. It was funny. Really funny.

It was especially humorous when the kid spent the car ride home asking for a new milkshake. Oh, yeah. That was HYSTERICAL.

Given the amount of painting that is still left to do, I predict I will have negative useful brain cells by the end of the year.


  1. Anonymous6:32 AM

    I am so sorry I laughed. I'm pretty sure I was high on paint fumes, black washable marker fumes and the smell of my dinner that I couldn't eat because I had to hold someone's crayons. Regardless, not an excuse for a parenting fail.

  2. That picture is priceless! Isn't if funny how hindsight is 20/20?

  3. I would have laughed, too, mainly because it wasn't mine doing it.

  4. mambo1018:14 AM

    Just wondering how often she uses that dog as a pillow. :)

  5. @chasinglittlelion--Dude, it WAS funny. What person in their right mind throws a perfectly good milkshake? Heh.

    @mambo101--All. the. time.

  6. Anonymous12:38 PM

    I am laughing. I'm not sorry, because it's happened to me and it's either laugh or be angry. Being angry causes frown lines or some crap.

    Love the picture :)

  7. Sometimes you just have to laugh.Especially when high on paint fumes

  8. I only laugh because I KNOW it will happen to me at some point in the future. Eva throws EVERYTHING these days, especially when she's tired/grumpy. I'm hoping it's just because she's 2. Or maybe that's what happens when she gets her mother's defiant streak and her father was a pitcher back in his baseball glory days.....

  9. That's why I paint after the kids are in bed. Of course, it helps if you don't have to get up for work in the morning.

  10. I thought of you this weekend! While learning how to sheetrock and spackle and paint. Well, technically, I knew how to paint. Yes, all of that because I put a ladder through the garage wall. Which then went through the girls' wall. And I had to hurry so the girls wouldn't see it and tattle on me when they got home Sunday night. Fun times. So. If you need any sheetrock patched in the house? I'm totally your girl.

  11. I'm sorry, I had trouble focusing. I was too busy wondering how you got any painting done with 2 toddlers under foot?!

  12. That picture is very cute. You painted with 2 little ones? Ack.

  13. OK...painting with little ones...You. Are. Brave...