Sunday, October 25

Black, Gold, and Awesome All Over.

If there is one thing Mr. Husband is guilty of doing, it's acting as a remote control for the pint-sized person. He will hunt down a program that she wants to watch pretty much all of the time. Hannah Montana? Sure. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Of course. High School Musical? He totally has a man-crush on Zac Efron.

There is an exception to his Remote Control impersonations--he will not appease the child during hockey or football. Ever. Fortunately for him, the kid bleeds black and gold and is perfectly happy watching her boyfriend Sidney Crosby skate around or her future father-in-law Troy Polamalou run down the field with his hair in tow. It never ceases to amaze me how well she adapts to the severe Pittsburgh Sports fever we have going on around here. She just gets it.

Today we spent the day wincing at the Steelers game and gutting some pumpkins. In most circles, that's what is called a Perfect Sunday. When the Steelers finally wrapped up the game and sent old man Favre back to his hidey hole, Mr. Husband grabbed the remote and began hunting for Kid-friendly TV. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He's so nice. Anyway, he finally encountered what seemed to be a good program--a Halloween figure skating special.

As the witches and goblins spun through the air, Mr. Husband and I whispered to each other that the program was kinda lame. It had the makings of Most Excellent, but there just wasn't enough scary going on. (We don't do that Winnie the Pooh OoooOOooo Christmas thing. We want blood-sucking, carnage-filled BOO.) No matter, though, if Alexis wanted to watch it, fine. She had happily sat through about five hours of football. It was definitely her turn.

Alexis glanced up from her pumpkin gutting activities a few times, remarking about how she wanted ice skates, too. I took her ice skating once last winter, and she's mentioned that she wants to go back every single time ice has been on TV since then. The skaters made it through about two performances before Alexis let out a big sigh and said, "Turn it off. I want to watch football."

Damn I love that kid.

(For those of you keeping track, Christmas Crazy for Kids will get its start later in the week, no later than November 1.)


  1. Dude. Was it Mussleman's Halloween On Ice?! It was exceedingly lame, but Cooper and Maren were IN LOVE. They generally will have very little do with watching anything remotely athletic, but I am hoping that today's turn of events is the start of a new trend . . . maybe by February we will have worked our way up to getting to watch the Superbowl LIVE instead of 4 hours later on the DVR.

    Alexis is a rock star!

  2. It was Musselman's and holy LAAAAAME.

  3. I was slightly concerned when you said A asked to go ice skating. Because she clearly only loved the ice shavings part of her last skating adventure.

    However, I'd love to take her out there again. Maybe indoors would be better?

  4. LOL! That's a great kid. And I wholeheartedly agree with black and gold. Geaux Saints!

  5. My husband and the girls caught some of the skating show after the game. There was a little something for everyone - the girls liked the skating, and the husband waited for the "cat" to fall out of her costume.

  6. She's awesome!

    I watched some of that. I thought the skeleton skating was pretty cool, but didn't really see much else. It wasn't interesting enough to hold my 2.5 yo's attention.

  7. I just want to say how impressed I am by the lack of pumpkin guts on the table. I have to cover my table with newspaper due to my uncontrollable messiness.

  8. I saw the last few minutes of the game and I was holding my breath for you. I picked the Steelers to end the Vikings' perfect season and I knew they wouldn't let me down. :)

  9. That is a SMART girl! Love it! :)
    I was rooting for the Steelers on Sunday too! ;)