Sunday, December 20

And So It Begins . . . The Christmas Crazy Tour

I have warned Mr. Husband repeatedly that if I don't get to see a ton of Christmas lights this year, things are going to get ugly. Apparently he turned off his Wife Filter long enough to actually hear at least some of those words. Yesterday he took Alexis and I on a grand tour of Christmas Crazy.

I took as many photos as I could along the way, which is to say I didn't take very many photos. Try as I might, I can't seem to find a way to get the phrase, "Please slow down," past the Wife Filter. Just in case the Wife Filter doesn't detect the written word . . . Dear Mr. Husband, It's really hard to enjoy Christmas lights when you drive past the lit-up houses at 90mph. Please slow down. Thank you. OK, so slow down some more. No, really. You're driving way too fast. Thank you again.

That is one of three really decorated houses in West Mifflin, just a little East of the intersection of 51 and 885. I would have photos of the other houses, but I think Mr. Husband was trying to cause a sonic boom as we drove through the neighborhood.

From there we headed to Beryl Drive to see the Steel City Christmas house. I only have one photo that isn't blurry, and it SUCKS. There's much better photos and videos at their website.

Just down the street right off Prospect, we ran into this house:

Not a ton of lights, but still nicely done.

After that, we headed to Hartwood Acres, but I'll post those photos separately.

Your turn! Show off a little Christmas Crazy. Show me excess you find around your 'hood, something that caught your eye, a little sign of your own neurosis, or something that just plain makes you happy. There are no rules; I just want to see some Christmas stuff. Sign Mr. Linky with the url that goes straight to the post. I'll keeping Mr. Linky hanging around all week as I post more stuff myself.


  1. Boy do I love Christmas Lights!

  2. we didn't do any special light gazing this year :( I'm bummed about that. But maybe soon?? And we put out zero lights this year. Hubby just isn't up to it. Maybe I'll attempt to do it myself next year just to keep the kids happy.

  3. Hartwood Acres was fantastic again this year.

  4. Those lights are beautiful! No one gets that crazy with their decorations around here. At least, I haven't seen it this year.

  5. Aww, I like the white (lights) house!

  6. Over the top deserves a vlog, don't you agree?