Saturday, December 12

It Took Her Long Enough

Way back in July, I struck a deal with the devil. I agreed to buy her the obnoxious camper that goes with her dollhouse, but only if she slept in her own bed ten whole times.

She wanted that camper. Bad.

She wanted to sleep anywhere but her own bed more.

Four months later, she finally made it to nine, but only after repeatedly making 2:00am declarations like, "I don't want the dollhouse car," and "I'll sleep in my bed tomorrow."

This is a kid who knows all about immediate gratification and knows NOTHING about how bribery works.

It took a full month to get that last night, as she finally scored her camper today. She was very excited. I'm depressed to realize it took her five months to accrue ten nights in her bed.

No wonder I have bags under my eyes so deep you could drive a life-sized camper in there.


  1. Slept in my own bed? I would have slept around to get a camper that cool. :-D

  2. I remember going through this with Shark Boy. It felt like YEARS. (It was about 18 months.)

    I'm dreading the "big boy bed" with Bear, coming up in January.

  3. Awww. Congratulations (I think!) That's a big step for her. I hope she continues to make progress, for your sake.
    My issue is alone time. I am usually the first one up, and I literally creep down the stairs to try and sit in the quiet, for 5-10 minutes. But the girl child finds that ridiculous, and beieves I need a chaperone at ALL times. She has bat like ears, and knows. ~Sigh. Now with baby coming? heh.

  4. I think you're a lot braver than I am to get her the camper lol. Yay for sleeping 10 nights in a row in her own bed. I'm scared to attempt it with Bug.

  5. Haha! Good girl! Big accomplishment!

  6. Thank you. Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone in feeling toddler elbows and knees poking me at ridiculous hours of the night.

    We have our own "10 times" bribery going on here. 10 you-knows-whats in the potty, and she can get her ears pierced. We're only at 8, and it's been 2 months.

    Obviously there is no great success at bribery going on here either.

  7. In hindsight, you should have specified ten consecutive nights.

  8. Too funny. Oh the things we do. Has she slept with it in her bed yet?

  9. wait...she doesn't have to do the 10 nights all in a row? wanna adopt me?

  10. I am a mean mom. I would have made her go for five consecutive nights, or something like that. Then again, if I was trying to sleep at the time, it would have been one night. One night in her own bed. :)